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1. More than 900 bodies of Kosovo war victims exhumed in Serbia
2. Serb alert for Kosovo border troops
3. NATO and U.N. say no evidence of Albanian militants crossing into
   Serbia from Kosova

## 1 ##


Source: Agence France-Presse (AFP)
Date: 10 Feb 2003

More than 900 bodies of Kosovo war victims exhumed in Serbia

BELGRADE, Feb 10 (AFP) - More than 900 bodies of presumed Kosovo war
victims have been unearthed from three mass graves in Serbia since June
2001, Nebojsa Covic, a key Serbian official in charge of Kosovo affairs
said Monday.
    Covic, who is also Serbia's deputy prime minister, said the bodies
were believed to be ethnic Albanians killed during the 1999 conflict in
Kosovo and brought to Serbia, Tanjug news agency reported.
    Under the supervision of international forensic experts, some 807
bodies were exhumed from a site in Batajnica, near Belgrade, 81 from a
site near the eastern city of Novo Selo and 48 from the western area
around Bajina Basta, Covic said.
    Former Yugoslav president Slobodan Milosevic is currently on trial
before the UN war crimes tribunal in The Hague, in connection with the
1999 war in Kosovo. Three of his allies are also to be tried for alleged
war crimes committed in the province.
    The crackdown on ethnic Albanians in Kosovo by the Milosevic regime
was ended by an 11-week NATO bombing campaign against Yugoslavia
beginning in June 1999. The province was then placed under UN
    Covic also said that Serb officials have collected information on
some 1,944 Serbs and non-Albanians, believed to have been kidnapped
since the end of the war in Kosovo by ethnic Albanian guerrillas.
    "For 950 of them, we have complete files," Covic said, insisting
that the UN judicial officials in Kosovo have failed to launch
proceedings against any former rebel so far.
    More than 200,000 Serbs fled Kosovo in 1999 for other parts of
Serbia or neighbouring Montenegro, fearing revenge attacks by ethnic
Albanians after Belgrade's troops pulled out.

an/rl AFP 101743 GMT 02 03
Copyright (c) 2003 Agence France-Presse

## 2 ##


Wednesday, 12 February, 2003, 02:18 GMT

Serb alert for Kosovo border troops

Peacekeeping troops in Kosovo breaking up a confrontation
Tensions do still occasionally rise in Kosovo

By Matthew Price
BBC Belgrade correspondent

The Serbian authorities have announced that they are putting their
police and army units which patrol the border with Kosovo on a state of
    The announcement follows rising tension in the area over recent
    The United Nations - which is in charge of the southern Serbian
province of Kosovo - says it has no information which would suggest that
a forthcoming attack is likely.
    The Serbian authorities say they are reacting to information they
have received that terrorists, in their words, are getting ready in
Kosovo to head into southern Serbia.

Tension 'declined'

The information, they say, comes from the United Nations mission in
Kosovo, or Unmik.
    A spokesman for Unmik told BBC News Online he was not aware that any
information to that effect had been passed to the Serb authorities and
he said there is nothing to suggest an attack is likely to take place.
    Overall, it is felt that tension in Kosovo has dramatically declined
since the conflict there between Serb forces and the majority ethnic
Albanian population in the late 1990s.
    However from time to time tension does rise and it appears to be
doing so right now.

Dangerous game

Recently around one-third of MPs in Kosovo's parliament supported a
motion on independence, although that was later put on the back burner.
    And just the other day the Serbian prime minister said that Serb
forces should be allowed to return to Kosovo.
    Some dismiss the moves on both sides as playing politics.
    In the Balkans that can be a dangerous game.

## 3 ##


NATO and U.N. say no evidence of Albanian militants crossing into Serbia
from Kosova

PRISHTINA, February 12 - There is no evidence that Albanian militants
are crossing into Serbia or operating in Kosova, international officials
said Wednesday in a response to allegations from a Serbian official.
Serbian Deputy Prime Minister Nebojsa Covic, said Tuesday that his
government had reliable information that armed Albanian militants were
grouping in two Kosova towns near the boundary separating Kosova from
Serbia. Covic also said he had asked the U.N. mission in Kosova and
NATO-led peacekeepers "for measures to halt the entry of armed militants
from Kosova."
Wing Cmdr. Tony Adams, a spokesman for the NATO-led peacekeepers in
Kosova, on Wednesday dismissed Covic's claim. "We have no intelligence
or information on any terrorist organization operating within Kosova at
all," he said, adding that no Kosova militants were entering Serbia.
"There is no problem with spillover because they do not exist," he said.
U.N. police also found no evidence of militants operating in Kosova or
entering Serbia, spokesman Derek Chappel said.
In Belgrade, Serbian media reported that Zoran Andjelkovic, the police
chief in the south Serbian town of Medvegja, said 33 strong detonations
coming from Kosova had been heard late Tuesday. Adams, however,
dismissed that report as "nonsense," saying peacekeepers had not
recorded any such detonations in the area.
"Such reports are unfounded and could only lead to misrepresentation in
the population," he said. Adams described the report as "rumors on top
of rumors."

KFOR commander Mini rules out Serbian troop return

PRISHTINA, February 12 - KFOR commander Fabio Mini said today that
circumstances in Kosova precluded the return of Serbian security forces
to Kosova, adding that Prime Minster Zoran Djindjic's demand was more
political than practical.
Mini noted that the fact that UN Security Council Resolution 1244
provided for the return of Serb police and soldiers to Kosova, Serbia
was not in a position to decide on that. He told media that the creation
of a multiethnic society was a greater priority.
"There is no room in the world any more for only one nation or for
intolerance one the part of one ethnic community," he added.

The ministers make their request for the transfer of the competences;
they'll be given to Steiner

PRISHTINA, February 12 - The requests of the ministers for the transfer
of the powers and the issue of permanent secretary in the Health
Ministry were the main topics discussed today by the Kosova Government
in its regular meeting. The Prime Minister, Bajram Rexhepi announced
that all the ministers have given their request for the competences they
want to be transferred, which will then be sent to UNMIK as the unique
governmental strategy.
Meanwhile regarding the permanent secretary of the Health Ministry,
Rexhepi said that the Government cannot take any stance. But the
minister of Health, Numan Baliq thinks differently. Baliq said the
procedure regarding this issue was violated. Baliq said he would write
to UNMIK chief to cancel the decision of the commission and announce
another competition.
The Government discussed also the way Kosova is going to be included in
the Association-Stabilization process of the European Union. The
ministers asked the institutions to pay the debts to the Electrical
Corporation of Kosova (KEK).

The Kosovar companies invest 30 million euros in developing their

PRISHTINA, February 12 - The Kosovar companies will invest around 30
million euros in the development of new businesses. That was the result
of survey carried out by the Swiss organization "Swisscontact" in
cooperation to the Kosovar enterprise "Ubo Croation" and expressed the
readiness of the Kosovar companies to develop their business.
The minister of Trade and Industry, Ali Jakupi said that such surveys
are especially important. Jakupi praised the help given by the Swiss
organization in developing the Kosovar business. The representative of
"Swisscontact", Markus Ehman said that the survey was carried out
because of the importance of the business in creating new jobs.

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