The Eight Steps of Reliance upon Allah.


Trust in Allah by knowing Him -- His Names and Attributes 
and that everything in the heavens and earth is His. 

Believe that what you ask Him for, you will receive, 
that Allah Has full power to grant it. 

Know that you should make full effort of your own 
to obtain what you want and then rely upon Him; 
make du'aa and effort, i.e., your body makes effort, 
with reliance to seek what you want.

Your heart should make efforts to obtain what you want.
How? Make your heart connected to Allah. 
Don't allow your heart to be connected to the things 
your're doing to be successful. 
Be connected to Allah. So why are you afraid? 
You do what you have to do, and you should feel 
that Allaah will take care of the thing that you want taken care of.

Things that are not in your hands, or ability; 
put your affairs with Allah. 

The person should have a good opinion of Allah. 
Have 'yaqeen' concerning this -- 
that Allah will make you successful in what is best for you. 
The Prophet, sall-Allaahu-'alayhi-wasallam, said:
"Allah said: 'I am as My servant thinks of Me'."
Meaning if you have a good opinion of Allah, 
then Allah will make you successful. 
But, if you have a bad opinion of Allaah, 
then He may give you something you won't like! 

That the person leaves his affairs totally to Allah, 
and that he is content with what Allah decrees, 
and with what Allah decides, 
BEFORE the results come down.

When the result occurs, 
the person should be content with it, 
with whatever Allaah has decreed. 

These are the eight levels of Tuwakkul. So, if you feel sad, 
distressed, or anxious; if your mind is beset with problems, exercise these eight 
levels of Tuwakkul and Allah will take away all your pain, Insha Allah.

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