If you believe Israel is committing crimes against Palestenians, an occupier of Palestinian land, defying international laws, and defying United Nation resolutions, I seek your support and urge to pass the
following piece of information to your family, friends,colleagues and relatives, and urge them to boycott Israeli products.

Israeli product carry the unique code starting with # 729

Most of the products have a bar code to identify them.

Each bar code contains a lot of information such as the factory and also the country where it is produced.

Some examples that has nothing to do with Israel:
383 EAN Slovenija
471 EAN Taiwan

A bar code starting with "729" indicates that this product is produced in Israël

729 Israeli Bar Code Association - EAN Israel

This is a modest, simple and effective way to support Paletenian struggle against Israeli occupation and ethnic crimes against Christians, Muslims and piece loving Jews.

Sometimes brands are misleading, a bar code never lies if it carries that 729 !!!

There must be a way to work with this on a larger scale!

To see the export codes on countries go to this link:

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