Maqal ibn Yasar said that the Prophet said whoever says:


"Aoodobillahis'samee il'aleem minash'shaytaan ir'rajeem"

(I seek refuge in Allah, the All-hearer, the All-knower, from the cursed satan) 


when he wakes up in the morning then recites three verses from the last part of Surah al-Hashr, such a person will be assigned 70,000 angels to pray for him until the evening, and should he die that day, he would have died a martyr"


[Ibn Ahmad, Darimi, Tirmidhi (5/182), Tabarani, Ibn Dhurais, Baihaqi and Shuab]


[Reference: Rafiuddeen, The Excellence of the chapters and verses of the Holy Quran pp 77-8]


All these angels praying for your forgiveness, guidance, etc... and THEN when you die, the death of the martyr on top, its a win-win situation, learn it!


May Allah have mercy and guide us all, ameen.

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