Quote- The Council of the Islamic Fiqh Academy, in its sixth session, held in Jeddah,  Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, from 17 - 23  Sha’baan,1410H (corresponding to 14  20 March, 1990),

Having studied the papers and recommendations on this subject which was one of the subjects discussed in the sixth medical and Fiqh seminar held in Kuwait, from Rabi-ul Awwal 23 to 26, 1410H (October 23  26, 1989), in cooperation between the Academy and the Islamic Organization for Medical Sciences of Kuwait,


First:  Transplantation of sexual gland

        Since the testicles and ovaries continue to bear and discharge hereditary attributes to the transferee, even after they are transplanted in a new grantee, their transplant is prohibited by Shari’a.
Second: Transplant of genital organs

        Transplant of some genital organs which do not transfer hereditary attributes, except the genitals organs, is permissible for a legitimate necessity, in accordance with Shari’a standards and regulations indicated in Resolution No.26/1/4 of the Fourth session of this Academy.

Verily, Allah is All-Knowing - Unquote

(From the Book "Resolution and Recommendations of the Council of the Islamic Fiqh Academy .(1985-2000), Published by- Islamic Research and Training Institute, Islamic Development Bank Jeddah. E-mail Address: Archives@ISDB.ORG.SA, Home page: HTTP://WWW.IRTI.ORG.SA)

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