Quote-The Council of the Islamic Fiqh Academy, in its sixth session, held in Jeddah,  Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, from 17 - 23  Sha'baan,1410H (corresponding to 14  20 March, 1990),

Having studied the papers and recommendations on this subject which was one of the subjects discussed in the sixth medical and Fiqh seminar held in Kuwait, from Rabi-ul Awwal 23 to 26, 1410H (October 23  26, 1989 in cooperation between the Academy and the Islamic Organization for Medical Sciences of Kuwait,

First:  Fetus cannot be used as source of obtaining organs to be transplanted in another person, except in certain cases and under certain conditions which must be fulfilled:

A)      No abortion can be provoked in order to use the fetus for transplant of its organs in the body of another person.  The operation should be restricted to a case of natural abortion or an abortion for a lawful purpose, and no surgical operation should be resorted to in order to remove the fetus unless it is essential to save the mother's life.
B)      If the fetus has a chance of remaining alive, medical treatment must be directed to keep it alive, and not for using it in organ transplant.  If it cannot survive, it must not be used except after its death and under the conditions stipulated in Res. No. 26/1/4 adopted by this academy at its Fourth session.

Second:Organ transplant operation must not, at all, be used for commercial purpose.

Third: Supervision of organ transplant operation must be entrusted to a specialized and reliable body.

Verily, Allah is All-Knowing – Unquote

(From the Book "Resolution and Recommendations of the Council of the Islamic Fiqh Academy (1985-2000),Published by- Islamic Research and Training Institute, Islamic Development Bank,Jeddah. E-mail Address: Archives@ISDB.ORG.SA, Home page: HTTP://WWW.IRTI.ORG.SA)

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