Resolution No. 17(5-3)


Quote: The Council of the Islamic Fiqh Academy holding its third session, in Amman, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, From 8 to 13 Safar 1407 H (11 to 16 October 1986),

After looking into all issues raised in relation with life supporting equipment and listening to a detailed report presented by medical specialist;


According to Shari’a a person is considered dead, and all Shari’a rules regarding death become effective, if he shows one of the following two signs:

1.      Complete cardio-respiratory arrest and confirmation by physicians that such arrest is irreversible;

2.      Cessation of all brain activity and confirmation by physicians that such cessation is irreversible and that the brain has entered the state of decomposition.

Under these circumstances he can be weaned of the intensive care equipment supporting him, even though some organs of his body, like the heart, continue to function artificially, with the help of the supporting equipment.

Verily Allah is All-Knowing - Unquote

(From the Book "Resolution and Recommendations of the Council of the
Islamic Fiqh Academy (1985-2000)”:

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