OIC Fiqh Academy Resolution No. 100 (3/11)


Quote - The Council of the Islamic Fiqh Academy, emanating from The Organization of the Islamic Conference, in its 11th session held in Manama, Bahrain, on 25-30 Rajab 1419AH (14-19 November 1998),

Having examined the research papers presented to the Academy in respect of "Islam face to face with global modernism" and in the light of the discussions which drew attention to the seriousness of the matter, revealed and highlighted the true nature of modernism as being an intellectual theory based on the idolization of reason, rejection of the unseen, denying inspiration and destroying everything related to beliefs, values and morals.

        The most important characteristics of modernism in the opinion of those who advocate it are the following:

·Absolute reliance on reason and restriction to data of empirical science away from the Islamic 'Aqeedah (belief).

·Complete separation between religion and all cultural, social, economic, political and charitable organizations; and hence it is allied with secularism.

Therefore, the Islamic Fiqh Academy makes the following recommendations:


Modernism, as referred to above, is an atheist concept that is rejected by Allah and His Prophet and by the believers, because it contradicts the principles of Islam and its fundamentals, regardless of the cloth it dons, namely jealousy for Islam and the pretence of reviving it.


Within the canons of Islam and the characteristics of its Shari'a, there is enough for mankind anywhere and any time. That is because Islam is built on firm foundations without which human life cannot stand, and on variables that ensure progress and development and accommodate everything new and beneficial through Ijtihad, which is governed by and based on the various sources of Islamic legislation.


a)      The Organisation of the Islamic Conference should form a committee of Muslim thinkers to monitor the phenomenon of modernism and its results and study it in a comprehensive, objective and scientific manner in order to warn against its falsehood and protect Muslim youngsters from its serious consequences.

b)      Muslim rulers should use all means to repel the mischievous methods of modernism and take the necessary measures to protect their countries and Muslim citizens from it.

May Allah's prayers and blessings be upon our Prophet,
and upon his family and Companions. - Unquote

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