Herat secrets

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Herat secrets

Do you need someone to awake if you are in very happy dream. what can you say if I told you that you can    live without heart .Do you believe that there are heartless people
How many times you have heartaches .To answer all these questions you
 Must STOP...... wakeup please
This wasn't happy dream....... Just false life .This  is your turn to ask your heart why you still ...... inside my chest!     May be  you afraid , like  a small  frightened bird... May be you still asking him .Did GOD gave you to me to fellow me  ... or I will fellow you .Have you ever been asked yourself what's the purpose of our existence .Everything in the universe will say to you .Ask your heart if it is true .Reality will be your wayTill the light will guide you

Real happiness and peace can be found in submitting to commands of Our God. Do and Don't do
I saw many cases of psychiatric persons and I think you agree with me that a lot of cases of depression and other psychiatric illness are observed nowadays. What is the reason for this! May be that life style we have now .
Most of good feelings are away from us. Even the little remaining are deviated from the right way  

Truly in remembering God do hearts find rest.

If we check some meanings of the the word heart my be  we can realize what are the secrets behind this word If you have a chance to read the translations of the Holly Quran you will find some of these secrets. I will try to give you some examples from the translation of Yusuf Ali     
God hath set a seal On their hearts and on their hearing, And on their eyes is a veil: Great is the penalty  they
incur )Holly Quran 2:7  
This is referred to the the justice of God, because those people started to be unbelievers,. They rejected faith .In the same chapter God mentioned those who are hypocrites by a disease in their hearts , it is not a 
physical one but spiritual which is more dangerous . He said (
In their hearts a disease, And God has increased their disease, And grievous is the penalty they  incur )Holly Quran 2:10

The end of evil must be evil. If you have no faith, Tell me what will be the the aim of your life ! Just listen to Our God . He said(To such (deceit) Let the hearts of those incline , who have no faith in the Hereafter, let them Delight in it and let them earn from it what they mayHolly Quran 6:111    

If we go back to the fact that why Our Merciful God gave us hearts Is this gift needs thanks to Him from 
Say: It is He Who has created you ( and made you grow ) and made for you the faculties of hearing , seeing , feeling and understanding, little thanks it is ye give) Holly Quran 57:23

So it is non sense and not logic if you were supplied by all those tools and still you have no true faith..! Then what you wait from Him (We (too) shall turn their hearts and their eyes , even as they refused to believe in this in the first instance; We shall leave them in their trespasses to wander in distraction.  Holly Quran 6:110 only blame your self. Or may be still you have a chance if your heart is still alive

Look for the justice of Our God , He gave you the whole chance during this life on the earth to understand and believe by your heart and mind. If not what you think your fate will beMany are the jinns and men we have made for Hell; They have hearts wherewith they understand not eyes wherewith they see not, and ears wherewith they hear not. They are like cattle,- nay more misguided: for they are heedless( of warning Holly Quran 7:179
But your Lord is Most Forgiving , full of Mercy, If He were to call them ( at once) to account for what they have earned, then surely , He would have hastened their punishment: But they their appointed time , beyond which they will find no refugeThat is why He said in  Holly Quran 58:58

Description : The suffering of the world is spoken of in terms of wars, starvation, hatred, competition, and the struggle of the survival of the fittest. Yet all the suffering of the world originates in the human heart. Every crime committed, every act of oppression, every callous cruelty, and every injustice to the self or others emanates from the hearts of men. However, for every wrong wrought by the human heart, a thousand acts of mercy have issued forth: every mother's love, every child's forgiveness, every teacher's care, and every father's concern for the well being of his progeny -- all have their source in the core of the human being, the human heart. If we are to right the world, we must first rectify our hearts, and this is why every revelation has been granted to humanity: to make firm our hearts. The most oft-recited prayer of the blessed Prophet, peace and prayers be upon him, was "O Revolver of the hearts, make firm my heart upon the straight way." In no equivocal terms, the Qur'an states, "On the day of Judgment, when neither wealth nor children will avail, only one who brings forth a sound heart." A sound heart! The soundest of hearts was the heart of the Messenger of Allah, peace and prayers be upon him, who through his purity and singularity of intention transformed the world. His teaching remains, and the challenge is for each of us to take it and with it transform our hearts and thereby the very world in which we now reside. Time is of the essence as the diseases of the heart, so prevalent among men now, threaten the very biosphere we have been commissioned to protect. Before you is a text that gives practical means and methods for transformation. Learn them, and use them, and then pass them on. This 24-tape series is based on a twelve-week Purification of the Heart course that Shaykh Hamza Yusuf gave in Hayward, California, in the Fall of 1998.



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