Chemistry Of Feelings

Chemistry Of Feelings

Feeling if you look up in dictionary for the word feeling, You will find two meaning one of them physical which is sensation involving perception by touch. the second is emotional which is the susceptibility to emotional response

Chemistry is the science of composition, structure, properties and reaction of matter

Autonomic nervous system is part of vertebrate nervous system that regulate involuntary actions

Do you see any relation between the three terms

Lets go back to heart again

Heart is full of blood also it is full of feelings. Blood as we know the elixir of life after water . It ischemical( biological) substance , and there are a lot of chemical reactions to purify blood
Can we say that feelings are the same? for physical feelings like touch , this is controlled throughnervous system. There are chemical materials in nerve endings which control these feelings.But emotional feelings like fear, anger , love ,etc

Normal & abnormal

Look..! If I tell you now that there a snake under your table
I can hear your heart beats very loud .! This is a normal physiological reaction which controlled
through some chemical materials like adrenaline which increases heart rate

But if you always checking bed before sleep for snakes many times in one night , this is may be a

pathological one , looks like some kind of obsession. May be you are in need to see your



we just look for one example to understand this subject we are talking about , The abnormal reaction

It is depression , we can define depression by change in personal mood that may be associated with insomnia , social withdrawal ,apathy fatigue , loss of interest , and feeling of hopelessness. It is a normal part of life . It is also emotional response to failure to achieve or maintain values Depression is due to imbalance of certain neurotransmitters which are chemicals in brain that transmit messages between nerve cells like serotonin and norepiephrine.Recently I attend psychiatry conference one of speaker was Prof. Ahmed Okasha The famous psychiatrist in The Middle East ,He said that Depression disorders of the human race. Ancient Egyptians six thousands years ago recognized depression and is one of the most ancient and common located it in the heart as shown in Eber's papyrus. WHO report year 2000 showed that every year there is one million suicides and 70% are suffering from depression . untreated major depression is a risk factor in developing coronary artery disease through the influence of stress and subsequent increased sympathetic tone

This term commonly used to tell us about subjective feelings which dictate moods .in psychology , emotion is considered a response to stimuli that involves some physiological changes- like increase in pulse rate. ( Columbia encyclopedia) for more knowledge click the link

The Emotional Brain

you are walking through the woods,and you see a coiled shape lying across you path.Instantly--before

you even think ''a snake!' --you brain begins to respond fearfully.Fear is an ancient emotionthat is involved in a number of mental disorders, say neuroscientist Joseph leDoux,Ph.D.,of New York University. His research and that of other scientist ,reported at the 24th Mathilde Solowey lecture in the Neurosciences at the National Institutes of Health on May 8,1997,has shown that the fear response has been tightly conserved in evolution , and probably follows much the same pattern in humans and other vertebrates

According to LeDoux,he and others are making progress in tracing the brain circuitry underlying the fear response.Research attention is now focused on the amygdala, a small almond-shaped structure deep inside the brain. A portion of the amygdala known as the lateral nucleus appears to play a key a role in fear conditioning -- an experimental procedure in which an animal--is taught to fear a harmless stimulus such as a sound tone. The conditioning is accomplished by pairing the tone with a mild electrical shock to the animal's foot .After a few times 'the animal comes to exhibit defensive responses whenever it hears the tone. These response include freezing(remainig motionless)and elevation of blood pressure

Can we control our feelings
What was the last time you play football match

Athletes can control their heart rate to save effort, this can be done through
Did you hear about people have got supernatural phenomena

DO you remember that day you got made with your boss but you didn't show this! Not because you are
afraid, But because you are good! This matter will be easy if you have some training lets see how in
prevention topic

And if any one belivers in God (God) guides his heart (aright)
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