Sisters' Events

Sisters' Events

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The MWAB Website has been launched!


Sister Lin with much dedication and patience has made a Website for MWAB. Many Thanks!

Please send  any suggestions and posts to

Sister Lin:



Spring cleaning

On Monday, the 20th of February 5 committed teen girls and one adult helper set off to tackle mission “Taazeel” (spring cleaning) of the women’s side at  Kentucky mosque.

6 hours we all labored until we were satisfied with the outcome.

Tour of the mosque

The Muslim Girl’s Club is preparing a tour of the mosque for a book and culture class of one of the local high schools. 

 Visit of a foster care home

On Christmas Eve 2005 the Muslims Girl’s club visited a foster care home and organized a film and fun evening for the girls living in foster care.  The girls at the foster home made a very good impression on us- they had excellent manners were very welcoming.    The visit showed how blessed we are to have families who love us and are able to take care of us.

MUSLIM’S GIRL CLUB- every Friday!

Where?  At Kentucky mosque

When?   Starting 5: 30 pm

What?    Islamic topics,  charity,  fieldtrips….

 For more info call Sister Majida at 663-3947