MWAB Meetings


Muslim Womenís Association of  Bakersfield

We Invite Your Participation!

MWAB Meetings
∑  MWAB Meetings are held on the second Saturday of the month

∑  The MWAB meeting starts at 5 pm and is followed by a potluck dinner

∑  The meetings  are held at Masjid Al Farouk (615 Kentucky Street Bakersfield)
∑   Our next meetings are April 8th and May 13th
MWAB Steering Committee!
 ∑  We meet twice a month on a Wednesday evening at a sisterís home
∑   The idea is to organize effectively in between MWAB meetings
Our Goals and Objectives
∑ To pool our ideas and resources
To define our responsibilities as Muslim women and to act on those responsibilities
To encourage and support each other                                                                                                                                                                                
To involve women from all nationalities


Please contact Sister Jan at 831-4844  or sister Tracy at 703-6556