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Welcome to Alfarooq Islamic Center’s Current Events!  We would like to take this opportunity to let you know a little about us . . .

Background  Alfarooq Islamic Center was founded in the mid-1990’s and is located at 615 Kentucky Street in heart of  “Old Town Kern” (the historic and original downtown of Bakersfield, California).  The Mosque is located in a spacious building with impressive thirty foot high ceilings and a mens’ prayer area of approximately 5000 square feet.  The Mosque is not luxurious, but is comfortable and has plenty of room for additional Muslims . . . including you and your family!

Alfarooq Islamic Center is an official Non Profit Corporation duly registered in the State of California.  The Mosque is overseen by a nine-member Board of Directors and is managed by a full time Imam. 

Vision  Alfarooq Islamic Center is a full-service, family oriented Mosque that supports traditional Islamic teachings.  We reject innovation in religious matters and we reject religious extremism.  We strive our best to conform our behavior, teachings and leadership to the authentic Islamic teachings established by the Glorious Qu’ran and the traditions of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), his companions and the righteous predecessors.

Kern County in general, and Bakersfield in particular, is one of the fastest growing areas in the entire country.  Over the past ten to fifteen years, Bakersfield has truly grown from a “town” into a “city” and is now the home for a very diverse group of people.  As the city of Bakersfield – and the Islamic Community within it -  continues to grow, Alfarooq Islamic Center is ideally situated to grow along with it.  We look forward to the exciting opportunities that lie ahead and ask Allah (SWT) to support us – and all the Muslim organizations in Bakersfield -  in our efforts to responsibly satisfy the needs of this expanding Muslim community.   

 Services for Muslims  Alfarooq Islamic Center offers the full array of services expected from an established Mosque.  Our knowledgeable and experienced Imam leads the five daily prayers, oversees Jumuah (congregational sermon and prayer each Friday) and offers lectures at various times throughout the week.  In addition, the Imam is available to perform marriages, marriage counseling, burial services, and teach Islam to Muslims and Non Muslims.  Alfarooq Islamic Center also maintains a school for male and female children ages five to fifteen.

Services for Non Muslims  Alfarooq Islamic Center is keenly aware of the terrific responsibility to educate Non Muslims about Islam.  Accordingly, we are happy to provide free Islamic information to any sincerely interested Non Muslim who requests it.  In addition, the Board of Directors would like to cordially invite any interested Non Muslims, individual or group, to tour the Mosque and observe firsthand how Muslims carryout their acts of worship.  Finally, Non Muslims who prefer one-on-one discussions are encouraged to let us know so that we can arrange direct, ongoing contact with a knowledgeable Muslim.  

Social Activities  Alfarooq Islamic Center is a founding member of the Islamic Shoura Council of Bakersfield.  The Islamic Shoura Council of Bakersfield is a cooperative effort between the established Muslim organizations in Bakersfield to help promote a healthy, vibrant Islamic lifestyle for Muslims living in and around Bakersfield.  Accordingly, most of the social activity (such as celebrating the two Eid festivals) is done on a community-wide basis.  The social events sponsored by the Islamic Shoura Council of Bakersfield are very special, quality events that can attract over a thousand Muslims.  They provide an uplifting experience and every Muslim in the area should attend if at all possible. 

In addition to the community-wide events, Alfarooq Islamic Center frequently hosts bar-b-ques after Jumuah prayers between May and September.  You and your family and invited to join us!