The Mosque has the following facilities:

1. Main Prayer Hall, measuring ~ 437 m2.

2. Daily Prayer Hall and lecture room, measuring ~ 70 m2.

3. Ladies Prayer Balcony, measuring ~ 50 m2.

4. Games And playroom, measuring ~ 100 m2.

5. Library with a large selection of books, cassettes and videotapes…etc.

6. Fully equipped catering kitchen.

7. Office, Storage rooms, and washing facilities for both males and females.

8. Fenced car park for 20 cars and gardens all round the mosque.

9. Detached residence for the Imam.

Accordingly the activities are:

1. The five daily prayers, Friday prayers, Taraweeh and Eid Prayers.

2. Regular and occasional Educational and Social activities such as:
· Weekly Figh Dars every Monday night.
· Weekly variety Dars every Friday night.
· Weekly variety Dars for women in Arabic every Wednesday.
· Weekly variety Dars for women in English.
· Regular sport activities for youth and adults.
· Various lectures and seminars by Guest speakers.

3. Ramadan activities are distinctive and intensive because they are: · Well attended by all members of each family on a daily basis for a full month.
· They include: Collective Iftar followed by Maghrib, Isha and Taraweeh prayer, and provides a unique social gathering.

4. Eid prayers are also unique and special because they are well attended by a very large number of families and followed by a collective breakfast and a distribution of free presents to hundreds of children. The Mosque committee extends an invitation to local MP's and councillors to witness the prayer.

5. Library service for reading as well as for borrowing of books, journals and tapes.

6. An annual exhibition about Islam addressed for all the schools in the city with a very well organised programme to more than 1,000 visitor from arrival to departure including: Reception, Guide tour, Video show, Photographic service with Islamic Artefacts, Refreshments and a certificate of attendance for each school.

7. Organising reception and dinner parties at various occasions.

8. Organising social and sport activities, inside and outside the Mosque with a special attention to the needs of youth in our community.

9. Annual Reception to the university students at the starts of the Academic year.

10. Organising many courses for learning Arabic, recitation of the Holy Quran and annual competition for the memorisation of the Holy Quran. Currently, the Mosque is planning to set up a regular school for memorising the whole of the Holy Quran.

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