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What Is Hot

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

As our Prophet Mohammed said:

"Islam comes stranger and will go back stranger, so blessed be upon strangers", or as he said. We have seen and still see as well as will be seen that Islam and Muslims are strangers and facing many challenges everywhere because of the believe in one God, Allah, because of the faith in our God and emitate our prophet instructions in our life.

This page includes the news of Muslims everywhere to be aware about the situation of Islam and Muslims alover the world, may Allah support all fighters everywhere for his sake and reward them in this life and hereafter.

English Sources

  • Jihad in Chechnya
  • Jihad in Palastine
  • Palastine (Arabic)
  • Jihad in Indonesia
  • Eastern Turkistan
  • Kashmire
  • Muslim News (in Arabic)

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    Indonesia Iraq Juzr Al-Mulook Tunisia Bosna
    Aphghanistan Daghistan Areteria Algeria Jordan
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    Tanseer Attack Advices