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Islam & Other Religion
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Islam & Other Religion          Sites To Convince Non Muslaims

Islam & Other Religion 

  1. Answering Christianity

  2. Answers to Polemics against Islam

  3. Answering Christianity (on AOL)

  4. Mohammad in the Bible

  5. Islam and Christianity

  6. Introduction to the Bible and Biblical Problems

  7. Reflections on Christianity, Islam, Ismailism

  8. Bible requires acceptance of Islam

  9. Benevolence International Foundation

  10. Ahmed Deedat Comparative Religion Page

  11. Answering Bahaullah

  12. Christian Missionaries Sweeping the Islamic World

  13. Christianity and Islam

  14. Converts To Islam

  15. World's Greatest Religions

  16. Is the Qur'an inspired by God? What about the Bible?

  17. Islamic - Christian Open Dialogue Site - Home Page

  18. Basic beliefs of Christians and Muslims side by side

  19. Jesus The Islamic and Christian Views Compared


  21. Muslim Christian Dialogue

  22. The Truth About Prophet Jesus

  23. The Real Story Of Mary From the Holy Quran

  24. Christ in Islam by Ahmed Deedat

  25. Who is our Savior? (Allah or Jesus)

  26. The Plain Truth about The Real Message of Jesus

  27. The True Message of Jesus Christ By Dr. Bilal Philips

  28. True Christianity

  29. The Bible Denies the Divinity of Jesus

  30. What Did Jesus Really Say?

  31. The God That Never Was

  32. Prophet Jesus (PBUH) Never Claimed Divinity

  33. You Say You Follow Jesus' Teachings ???

  34. Who invented the Trinity?

  35. Was Jesus Sent to be Crucified?

  36. 60 Questions For The Christians

  37. Let the Bible speak

  38. The Bible Led Me to Islam

  39. What the Bible Says About Mohammed by Ahmed Deedat

  40. What all Christians and Jews MUST know about the Bible

  41. Examining The Bible

  42. Examining The Quran

  43. Is the Bible the word of God ?

  44. Gospel of Barnabas !

  45. Barnabas, His Gospel, and its Credibility

  46. A List of Biblical Contradictions

  47. 50,000 Errors in the Bible!

  48. More Links about Biblical Criticisms

  49. What is the Relationship between Christianity and Buddhism ?

  50. Jews for Allah!

  51. Corruption of the Torah

  52. Answering Trinity, A full proofs that prophet Jesus (peace on him) is not a God

  53. Muslim Answers

  54. Answering Christianity

  55. Answering for Islam

  56. Answering Missionaries 

  57. Islamic Awareness against Christian missionary lies

  58. Veiws of Non-Muslim Scientists about Islam

  59. E-MAIL Discussion List For Converts to Islam Only

  60. The Call to Islam Club (A Place to Debate or Discuss Your Views and Islam)

  61. Links about Christian-Muslim Debate

  62. More links about Religions Comparative

  63. Converts to Islam

  64. Great Lessons for new Muslims

  65. 50 Qeustions And Answers On Islamic Monotheism

  66. Aqeedat Ahl Assunnah Waljama'ah by Shiakh Ibn Uthaimeen

  67. Learn Your Right Belief (some good Aqeedah books)

  68. Learn Real Islam by email

  69. 33 Lessons For Every Muslim

  70. Allah's Attributes & The Mistake of Changing Their Meanings

  71. The True about " Farkhanism " or " Islam Nation "

  72. The True about Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam

  73. Anti-Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam

  74. Ahmadiyya: what is it about?

  75. A brief history of the Agakhans

  76. The Other Side of Sufism

  77. The Naqshabandia Tariqa Exposed 2

  78. All you need to know about Shia and Rafedha(Ar/En)


  80. Hinduism exposed

  81. Bad idea called The Unity of Religions !

  82. An Introduction to the Salafi Da'wah

  83. Correct your ideas about "Wahabism"

  84. The Right meaning of Walaa and Baraa

  85. Ten Things Which Nullify Ones Islam


Sites To  Convince Non-Muslims

  1. Quran - Al Islam    

  2. Welcome to Hydaya

  3. Islam a Brief Guide

  4. BeConvinced

  5. It Is Truth 

  6. Islam World

  7. Islam 101

  8. Islam Voice

  9. New Muslim

  10. Islamic Acadamey

  11. Most Merciful

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