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The Monthly Lesson

This section has been created for you to help learn about different aspects of Islam. You can read the lesson and gain knowledge about Islam. Enjoy reading the lesson as taught to you by our friend the parrot. And Don't forget to come back every month for a new fun-filled lesson!

Lesson for Month of June - Allah
Lesson for Month of July - Islam and Muslims

Lessons to come every month!


Lesson for Month of June


Dear children, I will tell you about "Allah" today!

Look around you, what do you see? Look outside, you see the sun and sky or the moon and stars. You can look everywhere you can see a hill, a river, and flowers, friends, family.

Who made them? ALLAH made them.
Who made us? Allah made us.
Who is Allah?
Allah is our maker. He is the maker of everything.

Where is Allah?
Allah is with us all the time. He always knows what is going on everywhere in the universe.

What does Allah do?
Allah controls the whole universe and everything in it.

Is Allah one?
Yes, Allah is One.

Who created Allah?
No one created Allah. He is always there and will always be. He is the First and the Last.

Has Allah any partner?
No, Allah has no partner.

Has Allah a father or a mother?
No, Allah has no father or mother.

Has Allah any sons or daughters?
No, Allah has no sons or daughters.

What is Allah to us?
Allah is our Lord and Master.

What are we to Allah?
We are Allah's servants.

Why has Allah made us?
Allah has made us to worship and obey Him. Allah says in the Qur'an: "Indeed, I created Jinn and mankind for no other purpose but to worship me." (Surah 51, verse 56)

Can we see Allah?
No, we cannot see Allah.

Does Allah see us?
Yes, Allah sees us all the time.

ALLAH is the Almighty. He is very kind and Loving. He has given us everything we have. He has given our fathers and mothers and our brothers and sisters who care for us and love us. He gives us food, water, light, air and all that we need. We should thank Allah for everything He has given us. We thank Him by obeying His commands. We and everything on this earth belong to Allah.

Allah is One,
And has no partner or son;
He is with you all the time,
Wherever you are,
He is there.


Lesson for Month of July


We have already learned about Allah. Now let's all learn about Islam and Muslims.

What is Islam?
Islam is an Arabic word. It is our way of life.

What does Islam mean?
Islam means to obey Allah and follow His commands. If we obey Allah and do as He commands, we will have peace. That is why Islam also means peace.

Islam teaches us to lead a good life on this earth. It tells us how to live as good people. It also tells us that Allah is our Maker and Master. Islam shows us the right way. If we follow Islam, we can live in peace. So, Islam is a great blessing for us.

How did we come to know about Islam?
We came to know about Islam from the messengers and prophets of Allah.

Who is Muslim?
A Muslim is a person who follows Islam. If we follow Islam, Allah will give us peace and happiness.

A Muslim will always try to do good. He speaks the truth. He will not lie. He helps others. He cares for the old and the needy. He does not like bad things. He listens to his parents and cares for them. He does as Allah commands him.

That is why you should never, ever lie. Help everyone who asks you. Care for others as much as you can and always, listen to your parents. Sometimes you may not agree with what your parents say, but listen to them because they are older and they know much much more. And always try to be nice to your friends and take care of your parents as much as you can. Do even the little things, that will make a diffirence, because it will show you are trying to be a good Muslim. Doing things like getting your parents a glass of water, giving your friend a cookie before you eat one will show you are a good person and a good Muslim. As a Muslim we must be as nice as we can to everyone.

We feel proud to be Muslims. It is wonderful that Allah has given us the name Muslim.


*Adapted from Book by Ghulam Sarwar
*Produced by webmaster of M.I.F.G. website