Ottawa Islamic Family Gathering

Confused? Need Help?

This page was created to answer any questions and solve any problems that anyone may have with the first page of this website. I have put the most common problems and the solution to each. If you have a problem that this page does not address please email us at

1) Q:You see the multimedia presentation but what do I do to get into the website.
A: That's simple at the end of the presentation you will see the word "Enter" at the bottom. Click it to take you to the main site.

Q: I don't see any multimedia presentation. I get a blank screen. I get a popup telling me about something called a plug-in, it's telling me to download, upgrade or install something.
A: This means that you don't have the FLASH 5 plug-in. The presentation was created by FLASH 5. So you need something called a plug-in. Once you get a pop-up on your screen just follow the instructions to acquire the plug-in. Do this only if you want to see the presentation. If you don't care just click on the "Skip Intro" link at the bottom of the page to go directly to the site. Without the hassel of the intro. If you would like to view the presentation you need the Flash % plug-in otherwise just go into the site and that won't effect your viewing or capabilites in the actual main site.

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