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Monthly Family Islamic Gathering- Contact Us

To contact the webmasters of this website please don't hesitate to email your concern, comments, or questions to islamicfamilygathering@hotmail.com. Please contact any of the following members of the coordination committee about the actual program:

Name Phone #
Br. Sajjad ur Rahman 823-4663
Br. Emdad Khan 825-2581
Br. Zamil-uz-Zaman 741-2240
Br. Abdullah Hussain 599-5400
Br. Amin Khan 825-3914
Br. Quazi Tareque (Kamran) 822-4749
Br. Hassan Mahmud 744-7685
Br. Rezaul Mannan (Faruk) 823-4582
Br. Ismail Meah 722-3543 ismail@netlane.com