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Monthly Family Islamic Gathering- About Us

Below is a description of us, our goals, aims and what we hope to achieve.

We are Bangladeshi Muslim families who gather together every month in a Islamic environment.

These sessions are for the youth and the children in our midst. You are our future. It is to you we look to carry on the true meaning and practice of Islam. So, the major purpose is to encourage you and to generate in you an appreciation of Islam and its beauty.

  • These sessions will help us achieve this goal by helping us to know,
        - how to please Allah Ta'alah ; and,
        - As Parents and Children, how to practice Islam in our daily life.
  • We will work together to,
        - create Islamic Awareness among us.
  • We can do so by fostering and encouraging an environment to,
        - seek Islamic knowledge and indeed all knowledge
        - practice regular five Salah and other Islamic duties and obligations
  • Our hope is that as these gatherings grow, it will,
        - foster Islamic Brotherhood amongst us
  • And allow us to,
       - celebrate Islamic festivals and events in a collective manner; and,
       - organize various other family/group activities for all the Muslim brothers and sisters.

    Finally, a great beauty of our religion is its teaching to be tolerant of others and their beliefs and points of views. Our hope is that these gatherings will promote Islamic principles and values so that, not only do we know, and practice the tenets of our own religion, but also develop a positive attitude and respect towards other religions as well.

    May Allah provide us the ability to achieve these goals.