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And Allah will deliver those who are the Muttaqun (pious - see V.2:2) to their places of success (Paradise). Evil shall touch them not, nor shall they grieve. Allah is the Creator of all things, and He is the Wakil (Trustee, Disposer of affairs, Guardian, etc.) over all things. To Him belong the keys of the heavens and the earth. And those who disbelieve in the Ayat (proofs, evidences, verses, signs, revelations, etc.) of Allah, such are they who will be the losers. Az-Zumar 61 - 63

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Jesus Saves
Sent: 17-Feb-2005
What is Islam? What Do Muslims Believe? An overview of the Islamic religion Strange, strange tenets Muhammad versus Jesus Black Muslim Movement The Quran vs. the Bible Marriage and Women Allah vs. God Militant and murderous aspects The Genies In creating this badly needed page on Islam, I drew very heavily from Robert Morey's excellent book on this subject, "The Islamic Invasion: Confronting the World's Fastest Growing Religion" published by Harvest House Publishers, Eugene, OR, 1992). I gleaned other information from my dealings with Muslims. Muslims strongly critize Christians and say that Jesus is not the Son of God, YET they take personal offense at any criticism of Islam. They have tracts and apologetics against Christianity, but they don't want nobody exposing their silliness and wickedness. Why? Because in Arab countries any criticism of Muhammad or the Quran is viewed as a criminal offense punishable by death. There was jihad called for by Khadafy and Saddam Hussein during the Gulf War simply because the soldiers were perceived as Christians--oh, you didn't know that Christians are considered infidels according to the Islamic religion? Read the section on this page entitled, "Why Muslims are so violent" for more information. Mosques are popping up all over this country and people are flocking to Islam. We Americans can be so stupid--we will forsake Jesus and go halfway around the world just to try to find another way we can get to heaven--it will only assure us of hell. Just like other false religions, Islam has many faces. Islam in America
is much different from Islam in the Middle East. You hear, "they are hard working people" I do not doubt this--in America. But their holy book says something different--either you convert to Islam or die! Their native lands say something different. No Islamic country is a democracy...I'm getting ahead of myself. I'm going to let the Quran (Yusef Ali's translation [1]) and its prophet, Muhammad, speak for themselves. You can read this straight through or go to specific weirdness. I highly suggest however that you first read "Muslims worship a culture..." which is the first item because it gives foundational information. Grab a softdrink and read on. Strange, strange tenets Muslims worship a man and his culture... Must adopt Muhammad's political views. Throwing stones at the devil. You go to hell for peeing on yourself and other silly things. Muhammad Muhammad wasn't sure if he was going to heaven. Muslim view of Jesus Comparison between Muhammad and Jesus Muhammad stole his son's wife and married her. Muhammad was a thug who led other killing and plundering thugs. Muhammad gets the Bible wrong. Muhamad admits he is a sinner. Marriage and women Islam and Women Muhammad takes his 9 year old wife to bed Quran says women to be beaten Quran says four wives are allowed but Muhammad had almost 20 In paradise, women are chained in different areas for men's pleasure Quran says it's okay for a dad to take his son's wife and marry her. Allah vs. God "Allah" does not mean "God" in Arabic. It is actually a moon god. Comparison between God of the Bible and Allah of the Quran The Quran and the Hadith The Quran is a bunch of jibber-jabber. Muhammad did not write the Quran. The Quran came directly from heaven and has NO earthly sources. (Is that so?) The Hadith: Satan stays in the upper part of your nose all night and you can't defecate towards Mecca. Militant and murderous aspects Why Muslims are so violent Muhammad was a thug that killed, plundered and stole from others even during peace. Muslims leaders make Black Slaves in the Sudan (this will take you to another website) Black Muslim movement The Black Muslim movement (Nation of Islam) founded by a man with at least one white parent! (but they call white people devils.) Orthodox Islam rejects the Black Muslim movement (Nation of Islam) . . . . . . . . . . . Muslims worship a culture and a man named Muhammad. Islam, in all actuality, is the deification of Muhammad's seventh century Arabian culture. They must dress the way Muhammad and his women did, eat what they ate, speak like he did, make his political views their own, and pray the way he did. They must accept that everything that Muhammad did, taught, and believed is the word of Allah (who is NOT the God of the Bible). The whole religion is based on the lifestyle and fables of one man. This is important to remember--Islam is 7th century Arabia imposed on people living in the 20th century. This will become increasingly evident as we continue. Muslim scholar Dr. Ali Dashti, a former Foreign Minister of Iran, explains in his book 23 Years: A Study of the Prophetic Career of Mohammad that Islam must be understood in terms of its essential identification with seventh-century Arab culture (Morely, p. 21). This idea of a culture being "divine" might be a bit difficult for us Westerners to understand but it is foundational to Islam. "Christianity" is "supracultural" in that it allows people to live, dress, and eat in accordance with the culture in which they are living (Morely, 21). If Islam did that, there would be no Islam, it is ALL about culture. Eat this 'cause Muhammad did, don't eat that 'cause Muhammad didn't, pray toward Mecca which is the culture you worship, don't pray with your back to your back to Mecca 'cause you disrespect your god, your culture. All of this insignificant, temporal stuff done by a heathen named Muhammad has been elevated to divine law. A Muslim must pray 5 times a day towards Mecca which is in Arabia thus he is reminded that he must be obedient to Arabia, a country, a culture. Back to index Throwing stones at the Devil. A Muslim is required, despite cost or hardship, to go on a pilgrimage to the Kabah (an edifice which at one time held over 350 idols one of whom was Allah) in Mecca at least once in his lifetime. Poor third-world Muslims skimp and save for their ENTIRE lifetime in order to fulfill this "pillar" of Islam so that they will be eligible for paradise. What do they do when they get to Mecca? Run around throwing stones at the devil, of course! Back to index Must adopt Muhammad's political views. There was no concept of personal freedom in Muhammad's seventh century Arabia, so no Islamic country today is a democracy. They are all run by dictators as in the days of Muhammad. Back to index Why Muslims are so violent. Sure, here in the west, they've tried to "Christianize" their beliefs and many of us gullibly believe that Muslims are a peace-loving people--but history, Muhammad, terrorism, and Jihad tell a different story, my friend. It is written in their law that Muslims must kill those that don't convert. Their leader, Muhammad made his fortune plundering and killing. Don't think it happens today? Looking at Algeria. Look at worldwide terrorism. Look at Khadafy, the Shaw of Iran, Sadaam Hussein, Arafat's Palestine, etc. The word "assassin" came from a secret sect of Moslems who killed folks while supposedly high on hashish. Violence and Islam are good friends. Why does it seem like they are always fighting and terrorizing people? Why is Islam so militant and overbearing? If we make a simple analysis of the foundation of this religion, the answers will become very apparent. It all begins and ends with a man named Mohammad. The Hadith (another "holy" book of Islam) says that Jihad, or holy war, is the second best thing to believing in Allah and his apostle (Muhammad). Allah's apostle was asked, "What is the best deed?" He replied, "To believe in Allah and his Apostle." The questioner then asked, "What is the next?" He replied, "To participate in Jihad in Allah's cause." (Hadith vol. 1, no. 25). The Hadith also says that Murderous Muslims could take the property of people they killed during a Jihad (there are different types of Jihad). In addition to killing infidels like Christians and Jews, Muslims are also commanded to kill anyone who leaves Islam (Hadith vol. 4, no. 260). The Quran requires violence. Sura 9:5 says, Fight and slay the pagans wherever ye find them, and seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every strategem of war. Sura 5:33 records what is done to infidels who resist Islam: Their punishment is...execution, or crucifixion, or the cutting off of hands and feet from the opposite sides, or exile from the land. Muhammad also burned out eyes with hot irons (Hadith vol. 1, no. 234) and deprived people of water until they died (vol. 8, no. 796). In Islamic countries you can be incarcerated and tortured without due process--this was all part of 7th century Arabia. The dictator could do whatever he wanted to. I read an article in the Washington Post about Sadaam Hussein's son. They said that he was a terror. One night he raped a woman and when she complained, he killed her. He did stuff like that all the time and one night he got shot up getting out of his car and was paralyzed. See the article, Muslim's rape children while crying "Allahu Akbar!" (god is great) The following is an article from The Frontline Fellowship that does extensive missionary work in the Sudan, a country where crazy Muslims are killing, plundering, and destroying in the name of jihad. You can order their video "Sudan: The Hidden Holocaust" from their website or Jeremiah Films... JIHAD – ISLAMIC HOLY WAR The relentless and often vicious persecution by Muslims against Christians is seldom recognised or understood. Many assume that the concept of Jihad, or holy war, espoused by Muslim leaders like the Aytollah Khomeini and demonstrated in terror bombings are aberrations not truly representative of Islam: "We shall export our revolution, to the whole world. Until the cry 'Allah Akbar' resounds over the whole world. There will be struggle. There will be Jihad . . . Islam is the religion of militant individuals . . . Islam will be victorious in all the countries of the world, and Islam and the teachings of the Quran will prevail all over the world . . . This is the duty that all Muslims must fulfil . . ." These were the often repeated public pronouncements of the Ayatollah Khomeini after the revolution in Iran in 1979 ("The Blood of the Moon", by George Grant). Nor was the Ayatollah alone in such militant threats. Abdul Aziz Ibn Saud declared: "We shall never call for or accept a negotiated peace. We shall only accept war - Jihad - the holy war. We resolve to drench the lands of Palestine and Arabia with the blood of the infidels or to accept martyrdom for the glory of Allah". The President of Sudan, Lt. Gen. Al Bashir, has often spoken of Jihad. At the 40th anniversary of Sudan's independence, Al Bashir celebrated the spirit of Jihad which was engulfing the people of Sudan. The head of Sudan's ruling party, the National Islamic Front (NIF), Dr. Al Turabi, has often declared his goal of an Islamic empire controlling (initially) the horn of Africa (Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya, Uganda and Sudan). This he calls the Grand Islamic Project. At a two week conference of Muslim leaders from 80 countries, hosted by Muammar Gaddafi in Tripoli, Libya (October 1995), strategies to transform Africa into an Islamic continent were discussed. Participants openly admitted that their goals were to make Arabic the primary language of the continent and Islam the official religion. One SA member of parliament, Farouk Cassim declared: "It will probably be the biggest revolution to sweep Africa." Head of the Islamic Propagation Centre International (IPCI), Yousuf Deedat, announced afterwards that South Africa was high on the agenda of the Islamic offensive: "We are going to turn South Africa into a Muslim state. We have the money to do it," (Sunday Times 22/10/95). At present less than 2 percent of South Africans are Muslims. What few Westerners understand, however, is that those Muslim leaders who call for the overthrow of all governments and the establishment of an Islamic superstate controlling all aspects of life for every person on earth are not extremists on the fringe of Islam. Actually, Jihad, the subjugation and forcible conversion of all people to Islam and world domination are central tenants of Islam. Jihad is ranked by many Muslims as the sixth pillar of Islam. Jihad was so important to the founder of Islam, Muhammad, that he declared it to be the second most important deed in Islam. "Allah's apostle was asked, 'What is the best deed?' He replied, 'To believe in Allah and his Apostle.' The questioner then asked, 'What is the next (in goodness)?' He replied, 'To participate in Jihad (religious fighting) in Allah's cause.'" – The Hadith, Al Bukhari, Vol. 1 no 25. Muslims, in fact, divide the world into two sectors: Dar-al-Islam (the House of Islam) and Dar-al-Harb (The House of War). The only countries considered to be at peace are those where Islamic law (the Sharia) is enforced. Islam in Arabic means submission, surrender or subjugation. A Muslim is one who submits. The Arabic word for peace is Salam. Islam is the active form of Salam. Muslims see themselves as a "peace making force" using argument, intrigue, commerce, threats, terrorism, warfare and every other means possible to secure Islam as the only religion worldwide. Muslims are not permitted to make peace with a non-Muslim country until its inhabitants surrender to Islam. They can agree to a cease fire for a period of time – but never to peace with non Muslims. The Quran teaches that Muslims are superior to others: "Ye (Muslims) are the best of peoples evolved for mankind . . ." Surah 3:110. Muslims are forbidden to befriend Jews or Christians: "O ye who believe! Take not the Jews and the Christians for your friends and protectors. They are but friends and protectors to each other. And he amongst you that turns to them (for friendship) is one of them . . ." Surah 5:54. Islam instructs its adherents to fight until their opponents submit. Christians and Jews may be spared if they pay "Jizya" – a penalty tax – with willing submission: "Fight those who believe not in God nor the last day . . . Nor acknowledge the religion of truth, (even if they are) of the people of the Book, until they pay Jizya (tribute taxes) with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued" Surah 9:29. "Fight and slay the pagans wherever ye find them and seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait (ambush) for them in every strategem (of war) . . ." Surah 9:5 (also 2:193). For those who resist Islam – execution or mutilation is decreed: "The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His apostle, and strive with might and main for mischief through the land is: execution or crucifixion, or the cutting off of the hands and feet from opposite sides or exile from the land . . ." Surah 5:36. The Hadith, which is a record of the words and deeds of Muhammad, is also viewed by Muslims as inspired. Next to the Quran, it is the most important source of Islamic Law. It's teachings are regarded as binding on all Muslims. The Hadith teaches that apostasy is punishable by death: "Whoever changes his Islamic religion, kill him." Vol. 9:57. A Muslim may not be punished for killing a non-Muslim: "No Muslim should be killed for killing a kafir (infidel)." Vol 9:50 Those who die in holy war are guaranteed to go to Heaven. "The person who participates in Jihad (Holy battles) in Allah's cause and nothing compels him to do so except belief in Allah and His apostle, will be recompensed by Allah either with a reward or booty (if he survives) or will be admitted to paradise (if he is killed)." Vol 1:35 It may be hard for Christians to understand the concept of such a militant religion, but the primary aim of Islam is not spiritual but political. The ultimate purpose of Islam is the establishment by force of a worldwide Islamic state where Sharia law is enforced on all. To achieve this is the goal of Jihad. Islamic scholars identify a multitude of forms that Jihad can take: 1. There is the Jihad of Words. Muhammad was a brilliant and gifted orator silencing his enemies in a war of words. In Arab culture it was customary for feuding tribes to select a poet to mock and provoke the opposing forces with spontaneous verses of cursing. These linguistic warriors engaged in verbal combat seeking to inspire their own side with a sense of superiority and strength whilst undermining the morale of the enemy. This war of words, which Muslim leaders today such as Gaddaffi, Saddam Hussein and Yassar Arafat still engage in, is actually a war of nerves. 2. There is the Jihad of Deception. When Muslims are small in number they can follow the example of Muhammad's 83 followers who fled from persecution in Mecca to Abyssinia (present day Ethiopia). There the Christian Negus (king) offered them refuge. When the Meccans demanded their return as slaves, the Muslim exiles declared that Islam was merely a variation of Christianity. The Muslims selectively recited those passages of the Quran that agree with the Bible such as the virgin birth and miracles of Jesus and His ascension to Heaven and ultimate return. They remained silent on the unbridgeable differences (such as the denial of the Trinity and the atonement) between the Quran and the Bible. As a result the Christian Abyssinians protected the Muslims from the Meccans. In this way, when it was most vulnerable, Islam grew and developed in a Christian environment. (If we only demonstrate our Christian love without proclaiming the truth of the Gospel we could strengthen anti-Christian forces). Muhammad compromised with the Meccan merchants during a particularly intense time of persecution. Formerly he had fearlessly condemned polytheism. Then, under pressure, he accepted the Meccan belief that Allah had a wife, Al-lat, and two daughters, Al Uzzo and Manat (Surah 53:20-23). Later Muhammad repudiated these so called Satanic Verses and claimed that all previous prophets had been tempted by demonic influence. 3. There is the Jihad of the Sword. After fleeing to Medina (the Hijra) in AD622, Muhammad started to summon his followers to attack and plunder the caravans of Mecca. His followers initially resisted these calls until Muhammad presented a series of "revelations" commanding Jihad (holy war) and permitting looting ("Whoever has killed an enemy and has proof of that, will possess his spoils" – The Hadith, Vol. 4 no. 370). Where the booty was not large enough, Muhammad held captives as hostages until their families paid a high ransom for their release. Hostage taking has continued to be a common practise in Islam to this day. Those who participate in Jihad are granted a blanket absolution (Surah 8:17) and guaranteed to go straight to Paradise (Heaven) if killed. 4. There is the Jihad of Taxation and Financial Reward. Those who refuse to submit to Islam are forced to pay a special tax for non- Muslims (Jizya). Those who convert to Islam are often offered financial rewards or scholarships. 5. There is the Jihad of Slavery. Those Muslims who engage in Jihad not only can seize property, extort ransoms and demand taxes, but also capture slaves. The only places in the world today where slavery is still practised are in some Muslim countries. In Sudan, the Islamic government uses slavery as an incentive to encourage Arab Northerners to attack the Christian Blacks in the South, and as a weapon of terror to destabilize non-Muslims. According to the Sharia Law, Muslims are allowed to enslave, own and sell human beings. 6. There is the Jihad of the Sharia Law. Non-Muslims are degraded to a lower class status and are denied equal access to the law because their testimony is not valid against a Muslim. This even applies to murder ("No Muslim should be killed for killing an infidel"). The death penalty is applied to anyone who renounces Islam and converts to another religion. When the wealthy Bedouins of Arabia professed faith in Allah to escape attack, Muhammad did not accept their confession. ("The desert Arabs say 'We believe'. Say, 'Ye have no faith; but ye (only) say 'We have submitted.'" Surah 49:14) Islam does not place much value on personal faith, but demands surrender to the political rule of the Sharia. It is significant that the calendar of Islam does not begin with the birth of Muhammad, nor the onset of his supposed "revelation", nor the assembling of the first Muslim community, nor the flight of Muslim refugees to Abyssinia. The 12 years of persecution in Mecca were not considered the start of their new religion. The Muslim calendar only begins when Islam became a political state in Medina. 7. There is the Jihad of Polygamy. The devastating defeat of the Muslim forces by the Meccans in the battle of Uhud (AD625) led to what could be considered one of Islam's greatest victories. So many of his men were killed that Muhammad permitted his men to take up to 4 wives (Surah 4:3, 4). With the advent of Western medicine, infant mortality has plummeted. And the Muslim birthrate has skyrocketed. Muslims are increasing in number twice as fast as other religions. This is due to birth control and abortion in Western lands and polygamy in Muslim lands. Muslims are not increasing much by missionary outreaches, but by having many children. Polygamy (rather than persuasion) has become one of Islam's most effective weapons for Holy War, providing Islam with a disproportionate numerical advantage. 8. There is the Jihad of the Spirits. According to the Quran, Muslims are not only men and women but also spirits who fight for the spread of Islam (Surah 46:29-33 and 72:1-15). Also a Muslim is to fight on Muhammad's behalf both in his life and after his death (Hadith Vol. 1 chapter 43). Clearly Islam is a religion of force which denies basic freedom. No Muslim even has the freedom to change or leave his religion. The huge block of over 1 billion Muslims presents the greatest political and military threat to the Western world and the greatest missionary challenge [editor's note: I do not agree with this, the Great Whore is the greatest enemy of the gospel of Christ] to the Christian Church. Muslim states are the most severe persecutors of Christians, and Muslim terrorist groups are the most vicious hijackers, kidnappers, bombers and assassins. As the recent East African bombings remind us, Islam is a challenge that we cannot ignore. How we chose to respond, in prayer, publications, proclamation, projects and persistent vigilance will determine much of the course of history in the coming 21st century. Peter Hammond This is an excerpt from an email I received-- As more details emerge surrounding the murder of Wall Street Journal reporter Danny Pearl, it seems increasingly likely that the object of the kidnapping wasn't demands or ransom but the murder of Danny Pearl himself. Pearl was ordered to tell the camera he was "a Jew. My mother was a Jew," he reportedly said just before his murder. Pearl's kidnapping-murder involved at least 15 conspirators, according to Pakistani police investigators. Danny Pearl was chosen to be slaughtered because he was a Jew. The demands made at the time of his kidnapping were, by design, impossible - they gave a 24-hour deadline with no negotiation and it is believed that Pearl was murdered on schedule. The gory details of Pearl's videotaped murder are evidence of the maniacal hatred of his murderers. According to reports in the major media, Pearl is shown mumbling some obvious propaganda statement about Americans being unable to "walk around free" as long as our government's policies of "unconditional support of Israel" continue. After admitting his crime: "I am a Jew. My mother was a Jew," a hand appears and cuts his throat. The rest of the description is not for the squeamish. You may want to skip over the next paragraph. After Pearl's throat is cut, his head is severed and held aloft by a hand in front of the camera. The tape cuts to his murderers repeatedly stabbing his lifeless corpse. The scene cuts to Pearl's head lying on a pile of newspapers as a message scrolls across the screen: "If our demands aren't met, there will be more like this." Those "demands" included releasing the al-Qaida prisoners from Cuba and delivering fighter jets to Pakistan. The only thing they left out was a demand we publicly execute President Bush in the Rose Garden. They had no intention of ever releasing Danny Pearl. Ever. Danny Pearl was a Jew. Israel is hated with a visceral, bone-deep hatred impossible for most modern Christians to comprehend. This week, a 15-year-old Palestinian girl charged a group of Israeli soldiers with a knife. The soldiers shot her dead. At her home was a suicide note, proclaiming her intention to become a martyr. Her unknowing father said when he found out what she had done that he was "proud" of her. How can anyone comprehend hatred that deep? Back to index Islam and women. Muhammad wrote in the Sura 4:3 that it is unlawful to have more than four wives, but he had more than four. Muslim scholar Ali Dashti lists 22 women in Muhammad's life, including 16 wives. He also stole his adopted son's wife Zaynab and made her his own. One wife, Aesha, was only eight or nine years old when he took her to bed. Female Muslims must be covered head to foot like Muhammad's women who needed it in the desert sun and sand. Women are treated bad in Islam. Let's look at the Quran, Sura 4:34: Men are the managers of the affairs of women...Those you fear may be rebellious--admonish; banish them to their couches and beat them. Muslim women can be kept prisioners in their own homes and denied the right to go outside the house if the husband orders. They can't even vote in some countries. In Iran they must carry written permission from their husbands to go outside the house. In Saudi Arabia, they are prohibited from driving a car. When some women in Saudia Arabia drove cars in the fall of 1990, they were castigated from every direction and admonished not to talk to Western reporters. One woman said, "The issue is not driving. It is that here in Saudi Arabia, I exist as a person from the bellybutton to the knees." I've heard some foolish people say that the Bible degrades women. What a lie that is! God made us male and female with distinct responsibilities. I perceive that the lawless and rebellious are the ones who think that having children and rearing them is demeaning. I perceive that the prideful and arrogant are the ones that think they have something to prove to men and the world at large. What a pitiful existence trying to be just the opposite of what God says. That is all it is. What freedom we women have in Christ. I used to think being a Christian was about bondage, but that was a lie from the devil. It is ultimate freedom (and I'm a woman too)! Back to index The Quran has NO earthly sources. According to the Islam religion, the teachings of Muhammad and the Quran came STRAIGHT FROM HEAVEN and cannot have any earthly source. Yet Western scholarship easily shows that ALL of Islam is based on the customs and fables of pre-Islamic Arabia and misinterpretation of the Bible by Muhammad. Even the word, "Islam" wasn't new with Muhammad. It originally meant, defiance of death, heroism, to die in battle Today, it is supposed to mean submission Now given all the terrorism from the Middle East and fighting between the Shiite and Sunnis which definition better fits Islam? "to die in battle" or "submission"? The Quran commands Muslims to convert everyone to Islam or else kill them. "Islam" existed before Muhammad came on the scene so there is an earthly source. Also, the Quran is not written in a heavenly language, it is written the Quraish dialect (Hadith vol. 6, no. 507) which was Muhammad's tribe. On top of that it is easily translated. It didn't fall out of heaven as they claim. Neither is it non-translatable as Muslims are taught that it is. Let's move on. Even the word "Allah" was not invented by Muhammad. It was already well known. Allah is a purely Arabic word al = the and ilah = god. It is not taken from the Hebrew or Greek word for God. It is not even the Arabic word for God. It is the name of a peculiar deity--Allah, the moon god. See the section on Allah. The Encyclopedia of Islam says: The Arabs, BEFORE the time of Mohammed, accepted and worshipped, after a fashion, a supreme god called allah. (ed. Houtsma) Allah was known to the PRE-Islamic Arabs; he was one of the Meccan deities. (ed. Gibb) Ilah...appears in PRE-Islamic poetry...By frequency of usage, al-ilah was contracted to allah, frequently attested to in pre-Islamic poetry. (ed. Lewis) The following was sent to me via email: This article from has been sent to you by ********** Radical New Views of Islam and the Origins of the Koran March 2, 2002 By ALEXANDER STILLE To Muslims the Koran is the very word of God, who spoke through the Angel Gabriel to Muhammad: "This book is not to be doubted," the Koran declares unequivocally at its beginning. Scholars and writers in Islamic countries who have ignored that warning have sometimes found themselves the target of death threats and violence, sending a chill through universities around the world. Yet despite the fear, a handful of experts have been quietly investigating the origins of the Koran, offering radically new theories about the text's meaning and the rise of Islam. Christoph Luxenberg, a scholar of ancient Semitic languages in Germany, argues that the Koran has been misread and mistranslated for centuries. His work, based on the earliest copies of the Koran, maintains that parts of Islam's holy book are derived from pre-existing Christian Aramaic texts that were misinterpreted by later Islamic scholars who prepared the editions of the Koran commonly read today. So, for example, the virgins who are supposedly awaiting good Islamic martyrs as their reward in paradise are in reality "white raisins" of crystal clarity rather than fair maidens. Christoph Luxenberg, however, is a pseudonym, and his scholarly tome ""The Syro-Aramaic Reading of the Koran" had trouble finding a publisher, although it is considered a major new work by several leading scholars in the field. Verlag Das Arabische Buch in Berlin ultimately published the book. The caution is not surprising. Salman Rushdie's "Satanic Verses" received a fatwa because it appeared to mock Muhammad. The Egyptian novelist Naguib Mahfouz was stabbed because one of his books was thought to be irreligious. And when the Arab scholar Suliman Bashear argued that Islam developed as a religion gradually rather than emerging fully formed from the mouth of the Prophet, he was injured after being thrown from a second- story window by his students at the University of Nablus in the West Bank. Even many broad-minded liberal Muslims become upset when the historical veracity and authenticity of the Koran is questioned. The reverberations have affected non-Muslim scholars in Western countries. "Between fear and political correctness, it's not possible to say anything other than sugary nonsense about Islam," said one scholar at an American university who asked not to be named, referring to the threatened violence as well as the widespread reluctance on United States college campuses to criticize other cultures. While scriptural interpretation may seem like a remote and innocuous activity, close textual study of Jewish and Christian scripture played no small role in loosening the Church's domination on the intellectual and cultural life of Europe, and paving the way for unfettered secular thought. "The Muslims have the benefit of hindsight of the European experience, and they know very well that once you start questioning the holy scriptures, you don't know where it will stop," the scholar explained. The touchiness about questioning the Koran predates the latest rise of Islamic militancy. As long ago as 1977, John Wansbrough of the School of Oriental and African Studies in London wrote that subjecting the Koran to "analysis by the instruments and techniques of biblical criticism is virtually unknown." Mr. Wansbrough insisted that the text of the Koran appeared to be a composite of different voices or texts compiled over dozens if not hundreds of years. After all, scholars agree that there is no evidence of the Koran until 691 - 59 years after Muhammad's death - when the Dome of the Rock mosque in Jerusalem was built, carrying several Koranic inscriptions. These inscriptions differ to some degree from the version of the Koran that has been handed down through the centuries, suggesting, scholars say, that the Koran may have still been evolving in the last decade of the seventh century. Moreover, much of what we know as Islam - the lives and sayings of the Prophet - is based on texts from between 130 and 300 years after Muhammad's death. In 1977 two other scholars from the School for Oriental and African Studies at London University - Patricia Crone (a professor of history at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton) and Michael Cook (a professor of Near Eastern history at Princeton University) - suggested a radically new approach in their book "Hagarism: The Making of the Islamic World." Since there are no Arabic chronicles from the first century of Islam, the two looked at several non-Muslim, seventh-century accounts that suggested Muhammad was perceived not as the founder of a new religion but as a preacher in the Old Testament tradition, hailing the coming of a Messiah. Many of the early documents refer to the followers of Muhammad as "hagarenes," and the "tribe of Ishmael," in other words as descendants of Hagar, the servant girl that the Jewish patriarch Abraham used to father his son Ishmael. In its earliest form, Ms. Crone and Mr. Cook argued, the followers of Muhammad may have seen themselves as retaking their place in the Holy Land alongside their Jewish cousins. (And many Jews appear to have welcomed the Arabs as liberators when they entered Jerusalem in 638.) The idea that Jewish messianism animated the early followers of the Prophet is not widely accepted in the field, but "Hagarism" is credited with opening up the field. "Crone and Cook came up with some very interesting revisionist ideas," says Fred M. Donner of the University of Chicago and author of the recent book "Narratives of Islamic Origins: The Beginnings of Islamic Historical Writing." "I think in trying to reconstruct what happened, they went off the deep end, but they were asking the right questions." The revisionist school of early Islam has quietly picked up momentum in the last few years as historians began to apply rational standards of proof to this material. Mr. Cook and Ms. Crone have revised some of their early hypotheses while sticking to others. "We were certainly wrong about quite a lot of things," Ms. Crone said. "But I stick to the basic point we made: that Islamic history did not arise as the classic tradition says it does." Ms. Crone insists that the Koran and the Islamic tradition present a fundamental paradox. The Koran is a text soaked in monotheistic thinking, filled with stories and references to Abraham, Isaac, Joseph and Jesus, and yet the official history insists that Muhammad, an illiterate camel merchant, received the revelation in Mecca, a remote, sparsely populated part of Arabia, far from the centers of monotheistic thought, in an environment of idol-worshiping Arab Bedouins. Unless one accepts the idea of the angel Gabriel, Ms. Crone says, historians must somehow explain how all these monotheistic stories and ideas found their way into the Koran. "There are only two possibilities," Ms. Crone said. "Either there had to be substantial numbers of Jews and Christians in Mecca or the Koran had to have been composed somewhere else." Indeed, many scholars who are not revisionists agree that Islam must be placed back into the wider historical context of the religions of the Middle East rather than seeing it as the spontaneous product of the pristine Arabian desert. "I think there is increasing acceptance, even on the part of many Muslims, that Islam emerged out of the wider monotheistic soup of the Middle East," says Roy Mottahedeh, a professor of Islamic history at Harvard University. Scholars like Mr. Luxenberg and Gerd- R. Puin, who teaches at Saarland University in Germany, have returned to the earliest known copies of the Koran in order to grasp what it says about the document's origins and composition. Mr. Luxenberg explains these copies are written without vowels and diacritical dots that modern Arabic uses to make it clear what letter is intended. In the eighth and ninth centuries, more than a century after the death of Muhammad, Islamic commentators added diacritical marks to clear up the ambiguities of the text, giving precise meanings to passages based on what they considered to be their proper context. Mr. Luxenberg's radical theory is that many of the text's difficulties can be clarified when it is seen as closely related to Aramaic, the language group of most Middle Eastern Jews and Christians at the time. For example, the famous passage about the virgins is based on the word hur, which is an adjective in the feminine plural meaning simply "white." Islamic tradition insists the term hur stands for "houri," which means virgin, but Mr. Luxenberg insists that this is a forced misreading of the text. In both ancient Aramaic and in at least one respected dictionary of early Arabic, hur means "white raisin." Mr. Luxenberg has traced the passages dealing with paradise to a Christian text called Hymns of Paradise by a fourth-century author. Mr. Luxenberg said the word paradise was derived from the Aramaic word for garden and all the descriptions of paradise described it as a garden of flowing waters, abundant fruits and white raisins, a prized delicacy in the ancient Near East. In this context, white raisins, mentioned often as hur, Mr. Luxenberg said, makes more sense than a reward of sexual favors. In many cases, the differences can be quite significant. Mr. Puin points out that in the early archaic copies of the Koran, it is impossible to distinguish between the words "to fight" and "to kill." In many cases, he said, Islamic exegetes added diacritical marks that yielded the harsher meaning, perhaps reflecting a period in which the Islamic Empire was often at war. A return to the earliest Koran, Mr. Puin and others suggest, might lead to a more tolerant brand of Islam, as well as one that is more conscious of its close ties to both Judaism and Christianity. "It is serious and exciting work," Ms. Crone said of Mr. Luxenberg's work. Jane McAuliffe, a professor of Islamic studies at Georgetown University, has asked Mr. Luxenberg to contribute an essay to the Encyclopedia of the Koran, which she is editing. Mr. Puin would love to see a "critical edition" of the Koran produced, one based on recent philological work, but, he says, "the word critical is misunderstood in the Islamic world - it is seen as criticizing or attacking the text." Some Muslim authors have begun to publish skeptical, revisionist work on the Koran as well. Several new volumes of revisionist scholarship, "The Origins of the Koran," and "The Quest for the Historical Muhammad," have been edited by a former Muslim who writes under the pen name Ibn Warraq. Mr. Warraq, who heads a group called the Institute for the Secularization of Islamic Society, makes no bones about having a political agenda. "Biblical scholarship has made people less dogmatic, more open," he said, "and I hope that happens to Muslim society as well." But many Muslims find the tone and claims of revisionism offensive. "I think the broader implications of some of the revisionist scholarship is to say that the Koran is not an authentic book, that it was fabricated 150 years later," says Ebrahim Moosa, a professor of religious studies at Duke University, as well as a Muslim cleric whose liberal theological leanings earned him the animosity of fundamentalists in South Africa, which he left after his house was firebombed. Andrew Rippin, an Islamicist at the University of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada, says that freedom of speech in the Islamic world is more likely to evolve from within the Islamic interpretative tradition than from outside attacks on it. Approaches to the Koran that are now branded as heretical - interpreting the text metaphorically rather than literally - were widely practiced in mainstream Islam a thousand years ago. "When I teach the history of the interpretation it is eye-opening to students the amount of independent thought and diversity of interpretation that existed in the early centuries of Islam," Mr. Rippin says. "It was only in more recent centuries that there was a need for limiting interpretation." HOW TO ADVERTISE --------------------------------- For information on advertising in e-mail newsletters or other creative advertising opportunities with The New York Times on the Web, please contact or visit our online media kit at For general information about, write to Copyright 2002 The New York Times Company Back to index "Allah" does not mean "God" in Arabic. The Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics says this: The origin of this (Allah) goes back to PRE-Muslim times. Allah is NOT a common name meaning "God" (or a "god"), and the Muslim must use another word or form if he wishes to indicate any other than his own peculiar deity. Allah was a pre-existing god. He was well known to Muhammad's Quraysh tribe. Scholars quickly point out that Allah was one of the names used for the MOON god who was married to the sun goddess. Together they produced three goddesses who were called "the daughters of Allah. Their names were Al-Lat, Al-Uzza and Manat. These were considered high gods--at the top of the plethora of Arabian deities. Muhammad's father's literal Arabic name was Abd-Allah. His uncle's name was Obied-Allah. His family was devoted to the moon god for at least two generations before Muhammad. The Arabian pagans prayed towards Mecca because that is where their idols/gods were sitting. Since Allah was one of the idols in the Kabah it only made sense to turn toward their god and pray. Praying toward Mecca continues to this day. Allah is clearly not the God of the Bible. He is an Arabian idol that sat in the Kabah with a bunch of other idols. The pagans prayed in the direction of Mecca because that is where their gods (including Allah) resided heaped on top of each other in the Kabah. This is not news to educated Muslims, they generally understand this point. Allah is the moon god, that's probably why there is the crescent moon and star on the Muslim flag. In conclusion, the Quran took Allah from the existing Arabic paganism and superimposed it on top of the God of the Bible. A dumb idol that can neither hear, nor speak, nor think. "Well," you might say, "what about Arabic Bibles that say, 'Allah' for the word God?" "Well," I would say, "the missionaries got intimidated by Arabs to use Allah instead of the Arabic word of God." I also might say, "Many missionaries are turning to dynamic equivalency which means that they do not translate word for word but rather look for similar ideas to convey meaning. The King James is the only Bible that does word for word translation--that's fcalled formal equivalency." Back to index Allah vs. God. Islam claims that their god is the God of the Bible. Let's compare: The Quran The Bible Allah is unknowable God is knowable Allah is nonpersonal God is personal Allah is not a spirit God is a Spirit Allah is not a Father, nor Jesus the Son of God God is one existing in three persons, not three gods, but one God Allah can do anything with no limitations God cannot go against His immutable nature e.g. God cannot lie. Allah is capricious God is trustworthy Allah has no feelings towards man God loves man Allah doesn't personally enter human history. God came incarnate to bring about man's salvation. Allah provides no saviour or intecessor. You're on your own. No concept of grace. God provided a Saviour through His manifold grace. It is clear to see that the God of the Bible is NOT the god of the Quran, Allah. Back to index About Muhammad. Muhammad is the "prophet" of Islam. At age 40 he claimed that he was a prophet and apostle (he took these terms from the Bible. They had no history in Arabian religion). The Quran gives four conflicting accounts of how he was called to be a prophet--(1) In Suras 53:2-18 and 81:19-24, Allah personally appeared. (2) In Suras 16:102 and 26:192-194 he was called by "the Holy Spirit". (3) In Sura 15:8 the angels announced his prophetic ministry; and , (4) The angel Gabriel told him of his ministry and hands him the Quran. Who were Muhammad's first supposed converts? Genies! Yes, Muhammad supposedly preached to and converted genies in Suras 46:29-35; 72:1-28. How convenient that there was no one around to confirm his prophethood. Back to index Muhammad was a thug. Muhammad killed and plundered many people. During the Nakhla Raid, he sent some of his thugs to loot a caravan killing one man and enslaving others. This was his first battle. Do you wonder why so many terrorists are Muslims? The acorn doesn't fall far from the tree. The "prophet" Muhammad did not even foresee his own death in 632 A.D. As a result, he left no instructions for his successors. Soon there were warring sects in Islam such as the Shiites and Sunnis who fight to this day. So not only are Muslims fighting infidels like Christians and Jews, they are fighting each other! Also see section on violence. Back to index Muhammad stole his son's wife. Muhammad wanted his son's wife and when his son didn't want to give her up, Muhammad had a "convenient revelation" from heaven which said a father can take his adopted son's wife. Read Sura 33:36-38: ...When Zaid had accomplished what he would of her, then we gave her in marriage to you, so that there should not be any fault in the believers, touching the wives of their adopted sons, when they have accomplished what they would of them; and Allah's commandment must be performed. There is no fault in the prophet, touch what Allah had ordained for him. This passage has led many Muslims to renounce Islam. Back to index Muslim view of Jesus. Islam claims that Muhammad and Jesus were both Muslims and prophets of Allah. Whoa, nelly! They say that Allah has no son and they are right. Allah is not the omniscent, omnipresent, omnipotent God of the Bible--so they are right, Jesus is not the son of Allah. He is the Son of God. Muslims say that the Bible is corrupt, we can't trust it--yet the Quran claims to based on the Bible. Islam says: Jesus is not the Son of God. Jesus did not die for our sins. Jesus was not crucified. Jesus was not divine as well as human. Jesus is not the Saviour. These are not issues of the Bible being corrupt as the Muslims say it is. These are issues of the Quran out-and-out contradicting the Bible. These are issues of Muslims blasphemying. See Suras 4:157; 5:19, 75; 9:30. Back to index Differences between Muhammad and Jesus. The coming of Muhammad was not foretold. Muhammad came on the scene claiming that he converted genies that ain't nobody seen. And now a whole host of people worship this man and his fake god that is no god. Muhammad did many treacherous things including robbing and plundering for his own wealth. He also commanded his followers to kill all that would not submit to Muhammad's made-up religion. Today in Africa and around the world, Muslims are killing anyone who will not submit to Islam. Of late, Muslims are trying to say that Muhammad was sinless, but Muhammad admitted that he is a sinner. "Muhammad replied..."O Allah, set me apart from my sins..." Hadith vol. 1, no. 711 In Sura 18:10, Allah tells Muhammad: Say, I am but a man like yourselves. Jesus on the otherhand was CLEARLY prophesied about hundreds, THOUSANDS of years before His coming. Jesus is the express image of God and His sacrifice stands in demonstration of the love of God. Islam has nothing to point to that reveals the love of God. In fact the Quran says that there is no intercessor or saviour. You've got to save yourself. See Sura 6:51, 70; 10:3. Jesus rose from the dead, Muhammad did not. Jesus was the Son of God, Muhammad was not. Jesus did many miracles, Muhammad did not. Jesus was seen by over 500 people when He went up to heaven, Muhammad was put in a grave. Jesus quoted scriptures written thousands of years before His coming while Muhammad made up his own scriptures and claimed that he preached to genies as his proof of being a prophet. Muhammad even contradicted himself when he quoted his various fairy tales. Muhammad sinned against many people. Jesus sinned against no one. Not ONE of Jesus' enemies could ever truthfully say anything bad about Him. People that Muhammad tortured could certainly talk bad about him. Muhammad is obviously inferior to Jesus, and as a result, Muslim theologians have borrowed events from the life of Jesus and attributed them to their "prophet". Back to index Muhammad not assured of paradise. Muhammad was not sure if he was going to heaven himself: The Prophet said, "By Allah, though I am the Apostle of Allah, yet I do not know what Allah will do to me." Hadith vol. 5, no. 266 Back to index The Quran is a messed up fraud. While the Bible accurately records actual people, places and events, the Quran is a jumbled up mess. Some comments: "It is a toilsome reading as I ever undertook, a wearisome, confused jumble, crude, incondite." Thomas Carlyle, Scottish Scholar [2] "From the literary point of view, the Koran has little merit. Declamation, repetition, puerility, a lack of logic and coherence strike the unprepared reader at every turn. It is humiliating to the human intellect to think that this mediocre literature has been the subject of innumerable commentaries, and that millions of men are still wasting time absorbing it." Salomon Reinach, German Scholar [3] "an incoherent rhapsody of fable, and precept, and declamation, which sometimes crawls in the dust, and sometimes is lost in the clouds." Edward Gibbon, Historian [4] "The matter of the Koran is exceedingly incoherent and sententious, the book evidently being without any logical order of thought either as a whole or in its parts. This agrees with the desultory and incidental manner in which it is said to have been delivered." McClintock and Strong's Encyclopedia [5] "Unfortunately the Qor'an was badly edited and its contents are very obtusely arranged. All students of the Qor'an wonder why the editors did not use the natural and logical method of ordering by date of revelation..." Ali Dashti, Muslim Scholar [6] "disjointed and irregular character" The Concise Encyclopedia of Islam (a standard islamic work) [7] Back to index Bones, palm leaves, rocks and the Quran. Though he was supposed to be a prophet, Muhammad had no clue that he was going to die when he did. He therefore died without compiling his revelations--don't be mistaken, Muhammad didn't actually write them down himself. When Muhammad would have his visions/seizures he would recite and others would either try to remember what he said or they wrote his words on rocks, palm leaves, animal bones, papyrus, wooden boards, etc. Some of the words got eaten by animals who munched on the palm leaves that they were written on. Some of the Suras were never written down--people just tried to remember what Muhammad said while he was in his trance. Oh, real realiable. Yet a Muslim will tell you that the Bible is untrustworthy--yeah, right--no, wrong! Much confusion reigned because the memory of one person would contradict the memory of another--but the Bible is corrupt? No, the Quran and its writers were corrupt. The "revelations" of the Koran are not even laid out in chronological order. There no logical order of ideas. In fact, there is no beginning, middle, and end. The Bible tells us about the creation of the earth and mankind (Genesis) and goes all the way through human history until the end of the world and the final judgment (Revelation). The Bible had approximately 40 authors and was written over a period of approximately 1600 years. It flows seemlessly. The Quran, on the other hand, came through one man (who didn't even write it), during his lifetime with nothing to support it. It is obvious which is superior. The fact that the Quran claims to be the second part of the Bible shows that it is not because it directly contradicts the Bible while not fitting the literary style or structure found in the Old and New Testaments. The Muslims claim that the Quran is perfect in Arabic and that it can't be translated. That's pretty dumb--anything can be translated. They also claim that it came directly from heaven with no earthly sources, but in doing a little research it is evident that the Quran did come from earth, more specifically, from Muhammad's pre-Islamic Arabia. The customs and culture found in the Quran fit pre-Islamic Arabia to a "T". Muslims claim that the Quran is perfect because God preserves His word--but yet they say the Bible is corrupt. If the Quran is supposedly based on the Bible and the Bible is corrupt, why would God preserve the Quran? Back to index Muhammad gets the Bible all wrong. Mistakes in the Quran. [it should be noted that many of the stories in the Quran come from the Jewish Talmud, the Midrash, and many apocryphal works--for instance Nimrod threw Abraham in the fire. You'll see this in Jewish extrabiblical literature.] Christians worship three gods: the Father, the Mother (Mary), and the Son (Jesus) (Sura 5:73-75, 116) Yusuf Ali's translation deliberately mistranslates Sura 5:73 by saying "They do blaspheme who say: God is one of three in a Trinity". The words "in a Trinity" are not in the Arabic text. The Aramic says, "Allah is the third of three". Christians bow in prayer towards Jeruselem (Sura 2:144, 145) Wine and sex in heaven (Sura 2:25; 4:57; 11:23; 47:15). Was this not Muhammad's desire? It took eight days to create the earth. (Sura 41:9, 10, 12 -- 4 4 2=8 days). The Bible says six days. Other Suras say six days (7:51, 10:3) One of the sons of Noah refused to go into the ark and was drowned in the flood (Sura 11:32-48). The Bible says all three went in. The ark came to rest on Mount Judi (Sura 11:44). The Bible says it came to rest on Mount Ararat. Abraham father's name was Azar (Sura 6:74). The Bible says it was Terah. Abraham lived in the valley of Mecca (Sura 14:37). The Bible says he lived in Hebron. Abraham went to sacrifice Ishmael (Sura 37:100-112). The Bible says it was Issac. Abraham built the Kabah (Sura 2:125-127). The Bible does not say this. Abraham was thrown into a fire [by Nimrod]. The tale of Abraham being delivered from Nimrod's fire came from the Jewish Midrash Rabbah and was incorporated into the Quran (see Suras 21:51-71; 37:97,98). It must be also pointed out that Nimrod and Abraham did not live at the same time. Muhammad was always mixing people together in the Quran who did not live at the same time. The Bible tells us Nimrod lived MANY CENTURIES BEFORE ABRAHAM--HE COULD NOT HAVE DONE THIS. Throughout the Quran--Nimrod and Abraham, Haman and Moses, Mary and Aaron, etc. were all pictured as living and working together. Moses and the flood are found together, the tower of Babel and Pharoh, etc. like they all happened at the same time. Man who bought Joseph was named Aziz (Sura 12:21ff). The Bible says it was Potiphar. Quran messes up numerous Bible people. Goliath becomes Jalut, Saul becomes Talut, Enoch Idris, John the Baptist Yahya, Jonah Yunus, etc. Because Muhammad had no Bible to read he frequently got the names and events all wrong--but then again, he was supposed to be a prophet! Pharoh's wife adopted Moses (Sura 28:8, 9). Bible says it was Pharoh's daughter. Noah's flood took place in Moses day (Sura 7:136, 7:59). Crucifixion was used in Pharoah's time (Sura 7:124) Mary gave birth to Jesus under a palm tree (Sura 19:22) Mary mother of Jesus is Moses' sister Miriam (Sura19:28). Muhammad was clueless. Made up miracles of Mary (Sura 19:23-26). Zacharias could not speak for only three days (Sura 19:10) The test of how soldiers drank water came in the days of David and Saul (Sura 2:249, 250--actually it was years earlier with Gideon. Other Mistakes Abrah's army defeated by birds dropping stones on them. History says Abrah's army withdrew after smallpox broke out. The Kabah was build by Adam and rebuilt by Abraham. It was built by pagans to worship a black rock that fell out of the sky. Abraham never lived in Mecca. Sura 20:87, 95, the Jews made the golden calf in the wilderness at the suggestion of Samaritans--there were no Samaritans at that time. Alexander the Great was a Muslim and worshipped Allah and lived to an old age (Sura 18:89-98). Yusuf Ali and the Concise Dictionary of Islam confirm that Zul-qarinain in the Quran is Alexander the Great. Alexander the Great followed the setting sun and found that it went down into the waters of a muddy spring (Sura 18:85, 86). Does that sound like a fairy tail or what? Contradictions are too numerous to name... Back to index Black Muslim movement founded by a bi-racial man Elijah Poole, son of a Baptist minister, hooked up in 1931 with Wallace D. Fard who was apparently a bi-racial man and religious teacher. Black Muslims call him "Master Fard Muhammad". Fard told his followers to dress like Arab Muslims did in the Middle East (you see Wallace D. Fard sold African clothing so of course, he sold them the clothing). Poole renounced the Christian faith and his birth name. Fard gave him the name Karriem. Going from house to house using Watchtower materials, Fard tore down his black followers' faith in the gospel of Jesus Christ and replaced it with his own form of Islam. The Hadith calls Muhammad was a white man, so Black Muslims serve the one they speak against. Meanwhile, the Hadith calls black people "raisin heads" (vol. 1, no. 662 and vol. 9, no. 256) and refers to them as slaves. If someone dreamed of a black woman, she was an evil omen of disease (vol. 9, nos. 162, 163). Muhammad had black slaves (vol. 6, no. 435). Yet and still Louis Farrakan and his followers will tell us Christianity is the white man's religion. Jesus came for all regardless of color but Black Islam is specially designed just to lead Black folks to hell! The Nation of Islam (Black Muslim movement) plays on the racism against black people by white people hence you hear them use terms like "white devils", etc. When I was in college, before I started walking with the Lord, Louis Farrakan came to my 94% white campus. I really had had no interest in seeing him until all the white students got up in arms. As a black student, the whites treated me badly, so I went to see Farrakan just because they didn't like the man. I am sorry to say that I agreed with a lot of what he said and I perceive a lot of other black folks are agreeing with this false prophet today and joining this blasphemy called Islam. Now that I am walking with the Lord I know that the man, Louis Farrakan, mixes truth and error. He hits the nail on the head in many instances of how we black folks are treated and then mixes in a healthy dose of lies like he is the messiah and has seen the "mother ship". This is not to mention all the heresy of "the real" Islam. Please see this site for additional information. Back to index Black Muslim movement seen as spurious. Orthodox Islam does not want to be identified with the Black Muslim movement in America. It is seen as heretical and is not considered part of Islam. Elsewhere on this page you will read that (1) Black people are called raisin heads in the Hadith (2) Muhammad had black slaves and (3) he warned that dreams of black women meant disease was forthcoming! Back to index The Hadith. This is another sacred book of Islam which Muslims claim is inspired. It's supposed to tell you what to do to get paradise and sundry other stuff. You must EARN Allah's forgiveness by following a bunch of rules and rituals. This stuff is indefensible: One of the major sins is not to protect oneself from urine. If you pee on yourself you go to hell, yet Muhammad ordered people to drink camel's milk and urine! You must not face Mecca when you are defecating. You must not use your right hand to hold or wipe yourself. You must wash your private parts after going to the bathroom. Satan stays in the upper part of the nose all night (vol. 4, no. 516) Muhammad would spit so followers could smear it on their faces. Bad breath, having gas, and yawning are sins when done in Muhammad's presence--I don't think Allah was offended, I think it was Muhammad. Muhammad was superstitious and was afraid that evil spirits might enter his body while urinating or defecating. He was also afraid of a strong wind, and kissed and adored black stone in the Kabah. Muhammad thought that placing a green palm leaf on grave of the dead would lesson their pain as they died, and said clean your private parts with an odd number of stones. Believed that Jews were transformed into rats (vol. 4, nos. 524, 569 and chap. 32) and magic. Muhammad supposedly had the sexual strength of 30 men. There are no recorded miracles of Muhammad in the Quran but when followers saw Muhammad's inferiority to Jesus they started making some up in the Hadith: Muhammad cut the moon in half with a sword, a palm tree cried like a baby because Muhammad wouldn't preach under it, Muhammad made water flow out of his fingernails so that people could drink--the Hadith contradicts itself on how many supposedly people drank it. These "miracles" go on and on. Islam is to be primarily spread through the sword (but then again, how else can you get people to believe these fairy tales?). The best deed is to believe in Allah and his Apostle. The next best thing is to participate in Jihad which is religious FIGHTING (vol. 1, no. 25). Murderous Muslims could take the property of people they killed during a Jihad. Anyone who leaves Islam must be killed (vol. 4, no. 260). Christians and Jews that don't embrace Islam go to hell. Women are deficient in intelligence and religion. Majority of people in hell are women (vol. 1, nos. 28, 301; vol. 2, no. 161) Child looks like the parent that had "discharge first" during intercourse. Stars created by Allah to throw at devils as missles. Spirits eat dung and bones. Back to index Muhammad was a sinner. The Hadith makes clear that Muhammad was a sinner--NOT sinless as some Muslims now claim: "Muhammad replied..."O Allah, set me apart from my sins..." vol. 1, no. 711 Back to index -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- JESUS vs Muhammed (is the god of the Quran the GOD of the bible)? email forward from Bro. Mike Mohammed was the prophet of war; Christ is the Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9:6-7). Mohammed's disciples killed for the faith; Christ's disciples were killed for their faith (Acts 12:2; 2 Timothy 4:7). Mohammed promoted persecution against the "infidels"; Christ forgave delivered and converted the chief persecutor (1 Timothy 1:13-15). Mohammed was the taker of life; Christ was the giver of life (John 10:27-28). Mohammed and his fellow warriors murdered thousands; Christ murdered none but saved many (compare John 12:48). Mohammed's method was COMPULSION; Christ's aim was voluntary CONVERSION (Acts 3:19). Mohammed practiced FORCE; Christ preached FAITH (John 6:29, 35). Mohammed was a WARRIOR; Christ is The DELIVERER (Rom 11:26, Col. 1:13; 1 Thessalonians 1:10). Mohammed conquered his enemies with the sword; Christ conquered his enemies with another kind of sword, the sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God (Hebrews 4:12; Acts 2:37). Mohammed said to the masses, "Convert or die!"; Christ said, "Believe and live!" (John 6:47; 11:25-26). Mohammed was swift to shed blood (Romans 3:15-17); Christ shed His own blood for the salvation of many (Ephesians 1:7). Mohammed preached "Death to the infidels!"; Christ prayed "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do" (Luke 23:34). Mohammed declared a holy war (Jihad) against infidels; Christ achieved a holy victory on Calvary's cross (Colossians 2:14-15) and His followers share in that victory (John 16:33). Mohammed constrained people by conquest; Christ constrained people by love (2 Corinthians 5:14). Modern terrorists derive their inspiration from Mohammed and carry out their despicable atrocities in the name of his god; Christians derive their inspiration from the One who said, "Blessed are the peacemakers" (Matthew 5:9). Modern day disciples of Mohammed respond to the terrorist attacks by cheering in the streets; Modern day disciples of Christ are deeply grieved at past atrocities carried out by those who were "Christians" in name only (the Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition, etc.). Many Muslims are peaceful and peace-loving because they do not strictly follow the teachings of their founder; Many Christians are peaceful and peace-loving because they do strictly follow the teachings of their Founder (Romans 12:17-21). Mohammed said the Koran is authoritative only in Arabic, and only in his dialect; The Bible is authoritativ

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zubair ahmed a. rahim
Sent: 17-Oct-2004
dear sis aminah, u have done great job preaching islam. keep up the good work!!!

Message Number: 49
Munir Abduselam
Sent: 29-Sep-2004
May Allah Be with All Of Us

Message Number: 48
Sent: 25-Sep-2004
pretty good site,,,worth lookin at

Message Number: 47
Sent: 4-Sep-2004
Great Website...I might add a good few things from your website when i design my own website...Keep up the good work sister.
Regards. Omer

Message Number: 46
imtiaz ali
Sent: 27-Aug-2004
salamunalaikum sister Amina.from bible/torah god bless you with all good things in this life and hereafer.i was doing research in halal/haram foods based only on quran/hadith.your site opened my eyes and added references from bible/torah to come to conclusions you have are right we have mixed up things later which are not cprrect.may allah reward besy wishes and dua for your family. allah hafiz.

Message Number: 45
Sent: 4-Jul-2004
Assalamualaikum, Women like you serve as precedent to others who are born muslims. I pray to Allah subhanawutala that he give you success in this world and in the hereafter.
Yours brother in Islam from India.

Message Number: 44
Sent: 4-Jul-2004
Assalamualaikum, Women like you serve as precedent to others who are born muslims. I pray to Allah subhanawutala that he give you success in this world and in the hereafter. yours brother in Islam.

Message Number: 43
Ebony Daise
Sent: 24-Jun-2004
Would like to first thank you for your website and to ask a few questions.Regarding Legal marriage in the states.

Message Number: 42
Sent: 15-Jun-2004
Visit my page at !

Message Number: 41
Mohamed Abdi
Sent: 14-Jun-2004
Maashaa'Allah, this is a great site Aminah, may Allah reward you the best of your deeds on the day that nothing will help except good deeds. it is a great effort and work for the sake of Allah the almighty. nothing is better than to line your self with messengers of Allah by being daaciyah.
Jazaka Allahu kheyran.

Message Number: 40
mgbada joe
Sent: 2-Jun-2004
very interesting site and all mugus should keep off because the eagle has landed

Message Number: 39
Sent: 25-May-2004
Salaam--great site!
Keep up the good work!

Message Number: 38
Patrick Walters
Sent: 9-May-2004
Hi! what a fantastic web site; I really love it! xx Patrick

Message Number: 37
Ms Loki Schadenfreude
Sent: 7-May-2004

Message Number: 36
Sent: 1-May-2004
I really it is an appreciateable job & I pray to ALLAH(Swt) that forgive you & have Mercy on you.
And increase your knowledge.

Message Number: 35
n/a: Hi! Great website! Keep it up. We're friends and we love your site. Peter and Larry ---- Peter: <> ---- Larry: <>
Sent: n/a


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mugu ibo
Sent: 21-Apr-2004
i love this site by mugu mugu mugu mugu mugu mugu mugu mugu mugu mugu mugu mugu mugu mugu mugu mugu

Message Number: 13
Sent: 17-Apr-2004
Please visit our site as well for more info

Message Number: 12
Mohammed Ali Rizvi
Sent: 25-Mar-2004
May God Almighty Bless You !

Message Number: 11
Sent: 23-Mar-2004
ASSALAM O ALAKUM Sister, Mubarak on entering the religion of Allah and finding ur
Creator. As per the upbringing of children is concerned, be steadfast, as ALlah helps those who are steadfast. Difficulties are always there, as this worldly life is the name of facing them. But this is a short life. ONE DAY, U WoULD MEET UR LORD. INSHALLAH. So, live in this world like a guest and prepare for that day when none would help anyone except his own deeds. Allah Hafiz

Message Number: 10
Munim miah
Sent: 18-Mar-2004
Good Site check my site out.

Message Number: 9
Sent: 13-Mar-2004
Assalamo Alaikom Warahmato Allah Wabarakato, Iam a muslim brother from the Holy Land of Palestine (Land of Al-Aqsa,I have really been impressed by your journey to Islam. Iam proud to be a brother of you. May Allah be with you and strengthen your beliefe my sister Amina. Try to make Daua for all the people you know, its the best thing to do as Prohet Mohammad Peace be upon him once said to Ali Bin Abi Taleb :(to bring a person to Islam is much better than enjoying all life) Waiting for your reply Your Brother, Rami

Message Number: 8
Sent: 1-Mar-2004
Assalamo alaikum This is a great website congrats on doing such a good job Fatimah

Message Number: 7
Sent: 23-Jan-2004
i got a mail inviting me ta vizit ur
website..(group mail). the site is very useful and beneficial

Message Number: 6
Sent: 14-Jan-2004
Dear sister, it's a great pleasure to visit your site. I thought I'd share with you another link for the petition of the france
ban on headscarf: May Allah bless you always.

Message Number: 5
Sent: 7-Jan-2004

Message Number: 4
Sent: 25-Dec-2003
AoA Got to know of this through calltoislam by ur
mail Good effort But i didnt see any introduction of urz on this? Anyway, jazakallah

Message Number: 3
mohdnoh majid
Sent: 18-Dec-2003
Wonderful! May Allah Bless you for your good deeds. "Invite to the Way of your Lord (Islam) with wisdom (Quran & Hadis)and fair preaching,and argue with them in a way that is better. Truely,your Lord knows best who has gone astray from His Path,and He is the Best Aware of those who're guided" [S16:125] Can you show me how to create this site?

Message Number: 2
Abdul Rahman Majeed Jundullah Balla
Sent: 17-Dec-2003
Assalamu aleijkum; Dear sister in Islam. I love this site and I know Allah shall reward you in each and every way. O Allah Bless Aminah For this wonderful site here and in the hereafter with all those that are on the same path as she.
AMIN..... Abdul

Message Number: 1
Sent: 11-Dec-2003
Good website! congratulations!

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