Please make a note that all these Hadith are authentic

1-Rasul Allah (saw) Said:

Allah Looks at His creation in the night of
mid-Sha`ban and He forgives all His creation except
for a mushrik (idolater) or a mushahin (one bent on

narrated by ibn Hibban.

2-Rasul Allah (saw) said:

"Allah looks upon His creatures on the night of
mid-Sha`ban and He forgives all His servants except
two: one intent on hatred, and the killer".

narrated by Tirmizi,Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal and

3- From Sayyidah `A'isha: She said:

The Prophet stood up in prayer during a part of the
night and made his Sajdah so lengthy that I thought
his soul had been taken back.

When I saw this I got up and went to move his big toe,
whereupon he moved, so I drew back.

When he raised his head from prostration and finished
praying, he said: "O `A'isha, O fair little one
(humayra')! Did you think that the Prophet had broken
his agreement with you?" She replied: "No, by Allah, O
Messenger of Allah, but I thought that your soul had
been taken back because your stayed in prostration for
so long."

He said: "Do you know what night this is?" She said:
"Allah and His Prophet know best."

He said: "This is the night of mid-Sha`ban! Verily
Allah the Glorious and Majestic LOOKS AT His servants
on the Night of mid-Sha`ban, and He Forgives those who
Ask forgiveness, and He bestows Mercy on those who ask
mercy, and He gives delays the people of Jelousy and
Spite in their (bad)state."

narrated by al-Bayhaqi.

4- From `Sayyidah A'isha also:

"I missed the Prophet one night so I went out to
al-Baqi`graveyard (and found him there).

He said: "Were you afraid that Allah would wrong you
and that His Prophet would wrong you?"

I said: "O Messenger of Allah, I thought that you
might have gone to visit one of your (other)wives."

He said: "Allah Glorious and Exalted descends to the
nearest heaven on the night of mid-Sha`ban and He
forgives more people than the number of hairs on the
skin of the sheep of the tribes of Kalb.

narrated by Tirmizi, Ahmad bin Hanbal,and ibn Majah.

5-From Sayyidina `Ali ibn Abi Talib:

The Prophet said:

"On The night of mid-Sha`ban, let all of you spend in
prayer (i.e. partly) and its day (i.e. preceding it)
in fasting, for Allah descends to the nearest heaven
during that night beginning with sunset and says:

Is there no one asking forgiveness that I may forgive

Is there no one asking sustenance that I may grant
them sustenance?

Is there no one under trial that I may relieve them?

Is there not such-and-such, is there not
such-and-such, and so forth until until dawn rises".

narrated by Ahmad and ibn Majah.

Sayiddina Ali said "on the night of the 15th Sha`ban
stay up all night in worshipping Allah (s.w.t) and
fast its day."

The famous Tabieen scholar, Ka`b al-Ahbar (r) said:

"Allah sent the night of 15th of Shaban with Jibreel
to Paradise and he ordered the Paradise to decorate
itself and he announced in Paradise that Allah on that
night has freed from hellfire as many persons as the
number of stars in the universe."

Allah Taala Himself says in the Blessed Quran:

"inna anzalnahu fi laylatin mubarakatin inna kunna
mundhirin-Fiha yufraqu kullu Amrin Hakeem".

Lo! We revealed it on a BLESSED NIGHT -- Lo! We are
ever warning --
Whereupon every wise command is made clear


Although the majority of the Quran commentators
consider the BLESSED NIGHT in this Ayat to be the 27th
Night of Ramadan (Laylatul Qadr), many scholars, like
Imam al-Suyuti, SAY that it COULD BE THE MIDDLE THE

This is because of all the Hadith that show the
greatness of that Night.

It is because of this Ayah that it is believed that
Allah T'ala reveals our Destinies(Taqdeer) for the
whole year to the Angels On this Night.

People make Ibadat on this night because if we are in
a state of Ibadat, then it may be that Allah will
change some of his Taqdeer regarding us to better.

Islamic Scholars from all groups, such as Imam
al-Suyuti and Shaykh Ibn Taymiyyah also said that the
Night of 15th Shaban is one of the holiest nights in
the Islamic Year.

O Muslims! The blessings of the Middle Night of
Sha`ban is related to us through many sources.

It is good to pray as many Rakats as you can on that
Blessed Night, and fast on the next Day.

And it is very necessary that just as others observe
it, that you observe it.

Make an invitation for people to feed people on that
night to remember Allah (s.w.t) and to remember His
Prophet (s.a.w), and to fast its day and pray its
night, will be rewarded for that night and for whoever
observes it.