Article 62


(1) In case of fire on board, when in harbour, the Master must inform the Harbour Office at once.

(2) When underway in the Canal or anchored in the Lakes or made fast in Canal, Master must inform the Movement Office. He must at the same time, make the appropriate International Signal and call attention by sounding a prolonged blast on the whistle or siren. Also, he must make ready to get underway if required to do so.

(3) Neighboring vessels must in such cases also be ready to change berth.

(4) Masters are responsible for the use of, on board their vessels, the fire fighting appliances and installations for the stability and safety of their vessels.

(5) The Suez Canal officials will cooperate with the Master for the purpose of directing the fire fighting operations.

(6) If in the opinion of Canal Authority officials, whose decision shall be final, there is a risk of fire spreading, they may order any action deemed necessary in the best interest of all parties concerned; change of mooring beaching or taking vessel out too sea. It is understood that Masters are nevertheless responsible for all damages or accidents arising directly or indirectly from outbreaks of fire or salvage operations.