Article 60


(1) In case of leak, when the ship in approaching channel, sea waiting areas and harbour the Master must inform the harbour office at once.

(2) When in Canal or anchored in lakes, the Master must inform immediately the movement office. At the same time he must make the appropriate International Signal and call attention by sounding a
prolonged blast on the whistle or siren; and take all necessary measures to stop the leakage and ensure the safety of the vessel and environmental protection.

(3) The Suez Canal Authority officials, whose decision shall be final, may order any action deemed necessary in the best interest of all concerned; change of berth or mooring, beaching or taking the vessel out to sea.

(4) The Master, the owner and/or operators of the vessel is nevertheless responsible for all damages or accidents arising directly or indirectly from the salvage operations.

(5) The Master, the owner and/or operators of vessel shall be liable to indemnify any damage that may occur from pollution directly or indirectly to the environment and shall pay all expenses incurred for
its removal, cleaning costs and all costs and compensation for any damage to the environment. (Egyptian Environmental Protection No 4, 1994 shall be applied).