Article 47


A vessel will not allowed to transit the Canal in any of the following cases:

(1) Any vessel whose Tropical Load Line is submerged, or Plimsoll Marks not plainly visible (Overloaded).

(2) Any vessel considered by the Suez Canal Officials, dangerous for navigation.

(3) If carrying dangerous cargo and not conforming of the Suez Canal Authority Regulations or carrying prohibited cargoes.

(4) If having a list more than 3 degrees.

(5) If trimmed in a way causing bad maneuverability.

(6) If having deck loads protruding from vessel's sides in a manner endangering the safety of transit.

(7) If the vessel is so tender or loaded in a manner that dangerously affects her stability.

(8) If her draught is in excess of maximum permitted according to these Rules.

(9) For Very Large Crude Carrier Ship's and Ultra Large Crude Carrier Ship's if there is bad weather.

(10) The Suez Canal Authority may consider delaying the vessel's entry to the Canal in case of bad weather.

(11) Any vessel without anchors.


(1) The Suez Canal Authority reserves the right to refuse access to Canal Waters for any vessel in case of carrying
prohibited cargoes, and in case of non or erroneous declaration on the presence of dangerous cargo on board, such as ammunition, explosives, radioactive substances, etc.

(2) If the dangerous cargo is discovered during the transit, the Suez Canal Authority reserves the right to refuse access to Canal Waters to this vessel for period not exceeding two years. An additional due of (43000
U.S.Dollars) will be imposed for this violation.