Article 28


Before transiting the Canal, the vessel should be provided with a searchlight (projector) complying with the following conditions and specifications.

(1) It should be placed on the bow in the axis of the vessel and show the Canal clearly.

(2) Specifications are as follows:

(a) Minimum range of radiation of single beam 1800 m. ahead.

(b) The power of the lamp must give a luminous intensity of single light beam not less than 3 million candles, which is equivalent to a high efficiency incandescent lamp of:
I - 2000 watts for vessels up to 30000 Suez Canal Gross Tonnage
ii - 3000 watts for vessels over 30000 Suez Canal Gross Tonnage
iii - Or any kind of lamps which fulfill the specifications, and to be of the nonexclusive type.

(c) The drum and stand should be of high corrosion resisting material and can be operated both horizontally and vertically.

(d) The front glass must be of hardened type and can stand rapid cooling.

(e) The reflector must be in two halves of precise ground glass mirror of highest quality or of polished aluminum having at least 95% the reflective capacity of the glass mirror.

(f) The two halves of the reflector can be brought together (zero position) to make a single reflector light beam and can be parted to give two separate light beams each of 5 degrees at least on the
horizontal level with adjustable dark sector from 0 to 10 degrees.

(g) The searchlight drum must be watertight and gastight and provided with a vent-out of which a flexible hose can be fitted on the drum to dissipate the heated air out of the searchlight in addition to a safety vent. On vessels carrying Petroleum product, Liquefied Natural Gas or inflammable substances or vessels Not Gas Free, exit of hot air must be effectuated in a place devoid of inflammable gas.

(h) The searchlight must be equipped with 2 lamps carrier that can be turned into position to let the lamp exactly in the focus of the reflector, and the current must be switched on automatically.

(I) The electric system must be of 1st class marine type.The degree of protection IP 55 or similar standards.

(j) The searchlight must have a certificate for "Type Test". This type test must include illuminate test to fulfill the above specifications, issued by one of the Classification Societies. The original to be
submitted to Suez Canal Officials and thereby, after test be Suez Canal Authority Inspector, the searchlight can be accepted.

(3) On all vessels of whatever type, electric cables installations for searchlight and all electric connections leading to it must be permanently fixed, insulated and gastight.

At the end of the cables, a fixed and gastight socket should be installed close to the searchlight.

(4) On board vessels, electrically propelled or having electrically driven gear the number of generators and their individual power output must be sufficient to ensure uninterrupted functioning of the searchlight in the event of stoppage of one of the generators. No exception to this rule will be allowed except when there is an independent generator and circuit on board specifically set apart for the searchlight.

(5) A portable projector can be hired locally from the Canal Mooring and light company.

(6) For vessels fitted with their own projector, two shore electricians should operate it during the transit.

(7) Vessels with special cases:

(a) Liquefied Petroleum Gas and Liquefied Natural Gas vessels, without any exceptions, must be provided also with their own searchlight.

(b) Vessels entering the Canal, direct from sea, must be provided also with their own searchlight.

(8) If electrical connections and/or searchlight are not in conformity, the vessel is liable to transit only in day-time and therefore, subject to delay. An additional due of (4300 U.S.Dollars) will be imposed when the searchlight and/or electrical connections are not conform for the 3rd transit and each following.