Article 24


A- Pilot Ladder:

(1) In Anchorage Areas, outside the Canal North or South, pilot ladders can be used to embark, and disembark pilots. The ladder shall be secured in such a position that each step rests firmly against the
vessel's side and so that the pilot can have safe access to the vessel. Whenever the distance from sea level to the point of access to the vessel is more than 12 feet (or 3.65 meters), access from the pilot ladder to the vessel shall be by means of an accommodation ladder to the vessel shall be by means of an accommodation ladder or other equally safe and convenient means.

(2) The treads of the pilot ladder shall not be less then 19 inches long, 4.5 inches wide and 1 inch in thickness. Steps shall be joined in such a manner as will provide a ladder of adequate strength with
treads maintained in a horizontal position and not less than 12 inches or more than 15 inches apart.

(3) A man-rope properly secured, and a safety line shall be available and ready for use if required.

(4) Handholds are to be provided to assist the pilot to pass safely and conveniently from the head of the ladder into the vessel or onto the vessel's deck and vice versa.

(5) If necessary spreaders shall be provided at such a distance as will prevent the ladder from twisting.

(6) Arrangements shall be such as:
(a) the rigging of the ladder, the embarkation and disembarkation of the pilot is supervised by a responsible officer of the vessel.

(b) A self igniting life buoy is to be available at hand.

B- Accommodation Ladders:

(1) Accommodation ladders are to be used in the Canal harbours, and lakes to embark and disembark pilots.

(2) In case no accommodation ladder is available, or difficult to rig, the vessel has to inform Suez Canal Authority before entering harbour or Canal. The change of pilot which is originally carried out at Ismailia, will take place in the Bitter Lakes after anchoring. In such case, the vessel will be charged extra (300 U.S.Dollars) as Pilotage dues for each relieving pilot.

(3) Ships will freeboard of less 10 feet may use pilot ladder.