Article 19


(1) At least 6 flexible floating mooring ropes of appropriate size for the vessel, in good condition, fitted with spliced eyes must be in readiness for any emergency, at suitable points on deck. All
arrangements must be made for their quick handling.

(2) For vessels equipped with tension mooring wires, the number of floating ropes may be reduced to 4. It is to be noted, however, that any mooring lines, likely to produce sparks by their manipulation are
absolutely forbidden on board petroleum tankers, Liquefied Petroleum Gas, Liquefied Natural Gas or any vessel carrying inflammable substances.

(3) It is recommended that:
(a) One of the ropes which is selected as "First Line Ashore" must be of floating material to ensure quick securing to the shore.

(b) Wires should not exceed 5.5" circumference to facilitate handling.

(c) All vessels should have Two fire ropes (wire) made fast one forward and one aft, hung over the vessel's side ready for use in case of emergency.