Article 16


A- The Master is responsible for the mooring of the vessel in Port Said harbour and Port of Suez.

B- Mooring lashing ropes:
For the safety and quick berthing of vessels in Port Said Harbour, the only Lashing ropes allowed to be used for fixing ship's ropes on the buoys are those provided by the Suez Canal Mooring and Light company. For this purpose, the said company provides vessels making fast in the harbour with 2 inch Manilla or Sessile ropes. This service is against 40 U.S.Dollars per vessel to be added to the invoice of the Suez Canal Mooring and Light company.

C- The Master is to pay attention to the instructions hereunder:

(1) When the vessel is moored to the buoys, the mooring ropes must be watched to ensure safe mooring. If two vessels are moored to the same buoy, when one leaves, the other must adjust her mooring.

(2) Masters must comply with the Harbour Master's advice regarding mooring ropes during the stay of their vessels in port; especially when, in case of expected bad weather, it is necessary to increase the mooring if required.

(3) When a vessel is moored with her stern to the bank, the Master must keep himself continuously informed of the depth of water aft, to avoid grounding on the submerged slope either as a result of the
settling of the vessel as she loads, or her proximity to the bank.

(4) At night, the vessel, whether moored or maneuvering, must show the lights proscribed by the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at sea, in addition to the Suez Canal light signals.

(5) Unless authorized, barges alongside a vessel must not be more than two abreast each other.

(6) It is forbidden to try projectors, or to turn the propellers during the process of warming up, in the absence of the pilot, or without informing him when on board.

(7) Vessels must not put their engines out of working order for any reason whatsoever without permission from the Canal Authority.

(8) The Master must always keep on board sufficient crew to ensure efficient handling of the mooring, fire fighting and damage control.

(9) The Harbour Master or his delegates should have free access on board to ensure application of the Regulations, to verify the vessel's Seaworthiness, and to ascertain that dangerous cargo on board complies with the Suez Canal Regulations.

(10) Vessels canceling booking berth at Port Said for commercial operations, bunkering, etc..., must do 6 hours prior arrival, otherwise an additional due (300 U.S.Dollars) will be charged.