Article 15


A - Documents to be produced are:

(1) Suez Canal Special Tonnage Certificate and Calculation Sheets (3 copies in the first transit).
(2) Certificate of Registry & ship's drawing.
(3) Statistical Declaration.
(4) Extract from the vessel's official documents and information concerning the vessel's type and her cargo (Containers, barges, etc....).
(5) Declaration concerning the use of double bottom tanks and the lower parts of the high tanks.
(6) Declaration concerning vessels in ballast.
(7) Declaration of State of Navigability.
(8) The last Classification Certificate issued.
(9) Any other information necessary for transiting the Canal.
(10) Piping plan and general arrangement plan for
Liquefied Petroleum Gas and Liquefied Natural Gas vessels.
(11) (
International Oil Pollution Prevention Certificate) International Oil Pollution Prevention Certificate of Compliance and its supplement for the record of construction and equipment as amended for tanker vessels.

B - Vessels wishing to transit the Canal must declare at the Canal Authority Offices and pay the various dues. She must furnish the Canal Authority Officials with all the particulars requested by her agent's.

C - The vessel must in addition comply with the requirements of the
Arab Republic of Egypt Government Authorities.

D - In Case the Canal Authority deems it necessary to be supplied with a new Seaworthiness Certificate issued by a recognized classification society belonging to International Atomic Energy Agency Seaworthiness Certificates to be accepted by
Suez Canal Authority, if in native language, are to be translated into Arabic or English and duly certified by the Embassy or Consulate in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

E - Navy ships transiting the
Suez Canal Waters must be provided with a Suez Canal Special Tonnage Certificate showing the Suez Canal Gross and Net Tonnage If such document is not on board, the commanding Officer has to give, in writing, the following information:
(1) Name of Ship.
(2) Name of Commanding Officer.
(3) Call sign of the ship (Radio Call).
Length Overall, Beam Overall and depth of the ship.

(As long as the ship is not provided with the
Suez Canal Special Tonnage Certificate, transit dues will be levied on the temporary Gross Tonnage product of the empirical formula without any allowance till
the presentation of the documents required).

F - Erroneous Declarations:
If the Canal Authority Officials find out a wrong information concerning the cargo carried or the ship's situation ballast or loaded, resulting from the shipping clerk's or the Master's negligence, and all documents
held, the tolls difference will be doubled. The tolls difference means the difference between the correct and the wrong amount of transit dues.