Article 12


(1) Vessels may book for transiting the Canal. The booking notice shall reach the Suez Canal Authority Offices not later than four days prior to the transit date. It must contain the name, nationality of the vessels, her type (Container, RO-RO,.... etc), her draught, Suez Canal Gross Tonnage and Deadweight Tons

(2) Vessels booking for fixed date will have priority to join the convoy on that date, if they arrive within the limit time defined by the present Rules.

(3) Booking can be cancelled or altered by notice to the
Suez Canal Authority Offices at least 24 hours before the date booked for, otherwise, the vessel shall be charged of (150 U.S.Dollars).

(4) In case of Very Large Crude Carrier Ship's and similar vessels this charge will be (1500 U.S.Dollars) on account of the special arrangements made by the
Suez Canal Authority.

(5) Vessels arriving without previous booking will catch the convoy if the capacity of movement in the Canal permits, otherwise they may join the following convoy.