Article 4


(1) When on Canal Waters or at its ports or roads, any vessel or floating structure of any description are responsible for any damage and consequential loss she may cause either directly or indirectly to
herself or to Canal Authority properties or personnel or to third party.

(2) The vessels' or floating structures' owners and/or operators are responsible without option to release themselves from responsibility by limited liability.

(3) The words (owners and/or operators) for the purpose of the present article, shall be considered to mean person/persons or corporate body responsible for the vessel at the time of navigational accident or incident.

(4) Moreover, the vessel guarantees to indemnify the Canal Authority in respect of any claim against the latter by reason of any damage, whatsoever, she may cause either directly or indirectly to third party.

(5) The vessel waives the right to claim the
Suez Canal Authority for any damage caused by third party that she may sustain while on Canal Waters.