Article 3


(1) Canal Waters mean the Canal proper, and the access channels there-to, the waters within the Canal Authority concession adjacent to the Canal proper, Port Said Harbour and Port of Suez.

(2) The Canal proper: As to its length, is reckoned to run from Km 3.710 West Branch for vessels entering from Port Said Harbour and from Km 1.333 East Branch for vessels entering through the East Approach Channel to Hm. 3 at Suez, including the two channels of the Great Bitter Lake and all Canal by-passes.

(3) As to its width, the Canal is bounded by two banks when they are immerged water, if the banks are submerged, the width of the Canal is limited to the perpendiculars at the point of intersection of the
submarine bank with the horizontal plane corresponding to the maximum draught authorized including squat.