Article 1


(1) Transit through the Suez Canal is open to vessels of all nations subject to their complying with the conditions stated in the present rules of navigation. All references and circulars which shall be issued by the Suez Canal Authority will constitute an integral part of these rules. Vessels also have to comply with the provisions of the International Regulations for International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea and its amendments, International Convention for Prevention of Pollution from ships 73/78, as well as the provisions of the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea and all laws, orders, and regulations issued by the Egyptian Government.

(2) The
Suez Canal Authority reserves the right to refuse access to the Canal waters, or order the towage or convoying of vessels considered dangerous or troublesome to navigation in the Canal.

(3) By the sole fact of using the Canal waters, masters and owners of vessels bind themselves to accept all the conditions of the present rules of navigation, with which they acknowledge being acquainted, to conform with these conditions in every respect, to comply with any requisition made with a view to their being duly carried out, and to adhere to Canal Authority private Code of Signals.