Article 148


(1) Experts of the Atomic Energy Establishment may go on board to inspect and examine the load, make the radioactive measures, make sure they are good and approve them before the vessel enters the port, to take a decision in the following matters: Authorizing the vessel to enter the port and transit the Canal. Handling of other goods inside and outside the vessel. Transporting the radioactive load to another vessel or to shore. Authorizing the vessel to make repairs in the port and to take supplies.

(2) The Atomic Energy Establishment experts may decide to accompany the load from the moment it enters the Territorial waters of the Arab Republic of Egypt till it leaves. In such a case, the vessel's Agent has to arrange with the vessel for ensuring their comfort while aboard and Masters must tender every assistance requested by the representatives of the Atomic Energy Establishment and those
accompanying the load and comply with their advice concerning the radioactive substances.

(3) The vessel bears the travelling expenses of Atomic Energy Establishment experts to reach the vessel and their return expenses. The vessel's Agent shall pay these expenses if claimed by the Atomic Energy Establishment and also, the value of the works order for any operation carried out with the Authority's equipment's or plant.