Article 145


The Master of a vessel shall hand to the Canal authority's officials, on arrival, a list or manifest or stowage plan for dangerous goods places in the vessel signed by the ship owners and/or their representatives at the port of loading and including the following:

(1) Full and clear details concerning the goods, and mentioning its kind, quantity, weight, etc... shall be furnished on declaration form to the Authority.

(2) Information in respect of goods of radioactive substances which do not require special formalities and are excluded of the regulations concerning radioactive substances and those concerning protection issued by the I.A.E.A., must also be furnished to the Authority and to the Secretary of the Atomic Energy Establishment Such information must also be in the possession of the Master to be produced to the Atomic Energy Establishment's delegates on request. A copy of the correspondence directly or indirectly exchanged with the Atomic Energy Establishment and the load owners and the vessel's Agents must also be furnished to the Authority.