Article 139


(1) Art. 113, 114 and Art. 118 shall be applied.

(2) Permission is granted to carry through the Suez Canal radioactive goods on condition that the following documents are produced:

(a) Documents proving that vessel carrying radioactive substances has complied with conditions and prescriptions contained in those laws and rules in force in the exporting country and with the conditions and prescriptions recommended by the International Maritime Dangerous Good code or that of the I.A.E.A.

(b) Compensation warranty document covering all direct or indirect damage that may be caused by the presence of radioactive substances on board.

(c) Document similar to the declarations of the Atomic Energy Establishment concerning the shipment with all information required by the establishment, each declaration concerns one of the two basic groups:

i - Declaration B, Group 1 Radioactive, which includes, fissile materials. i.e. artificially produced unclear substances such as enriched uranium, uranium-235 and plutonium-239, which under certain conditions are capable of undergoing fission, and Irradiated uranium and other fissile material.

ii - Declaration C, Group 2 Radioactive, which includes radioactive goods stated by the International Maritime Dangerous Good code as exemption, Uranium ores and concentrate, natural uranium and thorium, radio isotopes for medical, agricultural, scientific or industrial specimens of metals or minerals except those which fall within declaration B above.