Article 128



(1) Further to Regulations, the vessel shall conform to the requirements of International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea 74/78 and must be constructed according to IMO codes for the construction and equipment of ships carrying (liquefied inflammable gas or dangerous chemical in bulk) as amended from time to time or to standards at least as effective, and must be classified in one of the classification societies belonging to International Associations of Classification Societies and still under its supervision.

(2) The vessels must have outside her cargo tanks, non dangerous substances (clean ballast water, fuel oil, etc.) which can, if needed, be easily and safely unloaded, in sufficient quantity to reduce her draught by one feet (30 cm), for tankers and by 3 feet (90 cm.), for vessels carrying liquefied inflammable gases or dangerous chemicals in bulk.

(3) Vessels carrying grade A must also comply with the following requirements:

(a) Two mooring boats immediately available; that is to say, slung outboard, ready for lowering.

(b) Fire wires made fast one forward and one aft and hung over the vessel's side ready for use, so that a two rope can be easily fastened there to by a tug in an emergency.

(c) A special searchlight for night transit.