Article 111


(1) These regulations apply to the transport of dangerous goods through the S.C., as amended.

(2) The classification in these regulations are in accordance with International Maritime Dangerous Good code.

(3) Dangerous cargoes in these regulations are divided as follows:

(a) The dangerous packaged goods, as classified in accordance with International Maritime Dangerous Good code.
(b) The dangerous cargoes in bulk (Petroleum, liquefied inflammable gases and dangerous chemicals).
(c) The radioactive substances, as mentioned in Class 7 of International Maritime Dangerous Good code.

(4) All dangerous cargo alarms, safety equipment and fire fighting equipment must be checked within 24 hours prior to the arrival to S.C. The ship's log shall be available for inspection by the boarding pilot or

(5) Suez Canal Authority may consult a recognized surveyor where such consultation is required by the Suez Canal Authority.

(6) Advanced notice of arrival must reach the Canal authority's Offices at least 48 hours before the vessel's arrival to the Canal entrances.

(7) The Master, owner and/or operator is responsible for any damage, direct or indirect, caused to Canal Authority or to third party, which may result by presence of dangerous goods on board of his vessel, and their stowage and handling.