Article 90



(1) Each vessel has special Suez Canal Authority FILE NR (Suez Canal Authority ID) in the new informatics system in Suez Canal.

Suez Canal Authority distributes Free of charge special Suez Canal Authority ID card to be kept in the radio room, vessel must report Suez Canal Authority FILE NR on all arrival messages to transits or port calls.

Any charge in vessel's characteristics should be reported to Suez Canal Authority officially to be filled in Suez Canal Authority ID.

(2) Meteorological data will be displayed on signal state boards (2nd line) to inform vessels of the prevailing weather conditions as they pass the signal station.

Also emergency or navigation instructions from the main management office at Ismailia can be displayed on the same line alternatively.

(3) The CORT should be mounted on either of the two wings on entrance of the Canal the area around should be clear of obstruction within 10 feet radius.

A trained Suez Canal Authority technician will mount the CORT in place and operate before disembarking.

The vessel is asked to install electrical outlet 110/220 V AC (Hubbell socket type 2356 flanged receptacle nylon casing Hubbell catalogue number 35-R-2B 37), on the two wings to supply the CORT with electrical power.

Before vessel exits the Canal at either end of the Canal the CORT will be dismounted by a Suez Canal Authority technician.