Article 86



Vessels must have their W/T and radiotelephony apparatus in good working order before entering the canal.

They must also be fitted with a V.H.F. set easily operated from the bridge. It must have the working frequency range of the marine band (156 to 174 MHz) especially channels 6, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 71, 73, 74. If not, they will rent one from the Suez Canal Authority for transit.


(2) Suez Canal Authority Marine Communication center (SUQ) :

Suez Canal wireless station (marine communication center) SUQ has different communication facilities to contact with vessels in the open sea or approaching areas and while transiting the Canal.

    I - Radio Telex:

        (a) Frequency allocated to contact with vessels by radio telex from open sea to infer Suez Canal Authority of                their expected time of arrival Estimated Time of Arrival to Port Said or Port Tewfik harbours.
                - ID No. 4820 / Hours of service : 24 H.
                - Transmits (4250). Receives (6310 / 4205).
                - Mode (FIB).
                - Watch hours (24 H).

        Vessels are requested to send the following data before arrival by 48 H and when arriving the             approaches.

        (Vessel name - Call sign - Suez Canal ID - Estimated Time of Arrival - Draft - Suez Canal Gross Tonnage - Cargo - Dangerous Cargo and Flash            point - Origin - Destination - Agent name).

        (b) Frequencies allocated to contact with vessels by radio telex while transiting Suez Canal or                from waiting areas.
                ID. No. (4820). Hours of service: 24 H.
                Transmit (1612). Receives (2147). Channel (211).
                Mode (FIB). Watch hours (24 H).

                Rtty and broadcast facilities are available on the same frequencies.


    II - W/T MORSE

        W/T Morse will continue to contact with vessels transiting the Canal and from waiting areas. W/T (MF) Hours of service: 24 H. Call sign (SUQ). Transmits (520.5). Receives (469.5 and 454). Channel (109). Mode (A1A-A2A). Watch Hours (24 H).



    Vessels have on board Inmarsat station to contact Suez Canal Authority's (Ship Earth Station) at Suez Canal marine communication center SUQ to send their Estimated Time of Arrival before arrival by 48 H and 24 H and when arriving the approaches.

    The Suez Canal Authority's (SEE) identification numbers ID are as follows:
    Telex: (581 - 1622570).
    Voice: (871 - 1622570).
    Fax: (871 - 1622574).
    Answer back: Suez.



    Suez Canal Marine communication center SUQ has international Telex No. 63528

    SUQ Suez Canal UN. And also international Fax No. 002 - 064 - 393517.



    Six Meteorological stations are installed on the Canal area. Information about weather will be passed      to vessels through pilots, Ismailia Radio station.