SCA Circ 11/1995

CIRCULAR No. 122/99

Dear Sirs,
We append hereunder, for your information and guidance, the announcement received from the Director of Transit, Suez Canal Authority, Ismailia, by their fax dated 26/12/1999, keeping you aware that we are the promising shipping agency in the area of Suez Canal and Egyptian ports. Though privatetised we are still efficent firm witnessed by ISO 9002/1994, who can render your vessel a reliable service at a minimized cost, here is the text:

*On Dec. 31, 1999
*The first southbound convoy:
This convoy usually gets into the Canal at 0200 hrs. however, this time it will be 3 hrs. earlier, ie at 2300 on 30.12.1999.

*The northbound convoy:
This convoy usually gets into the Canal at 0600. This time it will be 1 hr earlier ie at 0500 on 31.12.1999.

*N.B:This schedule may be subject to a slight change as per the
number of ships that/day.

*On 1.1.2000
The first southbound convoy:
This convoy will get into the Canal at 0400

*The northbound convoy:
This convoy will get into the Canal at 0800

*N.B: The limit time of ships arrival will be according to the SCA Rules of Nay. Additional charges will be levied if ship arrives after the limit time.

*2- Ships transiting the Canal on 1.1.2000
a- Ships electronically operated must ensure year 2000 conformity for electronic mechanical or similar equipment to make sure that performance and functionality of these systems will not be affected. A copy of certificate of compliance has to
- Check to make sure that the navigation and mechanical equipment can be manually operated safely during transit.

a-Ships which are electronically operated, and having no conformity certificate with the year 2000 are not allowed to transit the canal if the manual system is not safely oplerated.

ManuaIly operated ships:
b-Such ships will make ordinary transits.

*N.B: Ships must abide by Art. 40 of Suez Canal Rules of Navigation, February edition stating that:-

"When under way in the Canal Water the vessel shall keep a full watch in the bridge and in the engine room, as well as anchor watch."

Kindly be guided accordingly.

Yours faithfully,

A. A. Koraitim (Chairman)